New 'RHONJ' Firings & Hirings Give Us Hope for Next Season

dina manzoThe Bravo gods must have been listening to my prayers, because there's been a serious cast shake-up on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Thank god. I think I'd stab myself in the thigh if I had to listen Caroline Manzo referee one more dumb argument between Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga.

As you probably already know, Caroline Manzo has quit the show. As has Jacqueline Laurita. The Bickersons, Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice, will still be on, natch. Kathy Wakile has been "demoted" to a smaller role, which, let's be honest here, is the right decision. She seems like a nice lady, but she's not exactly the entertainment of the show.

And three new castmembers are currently in talks to join the show.

Oh, and Dina Manzo is back. That's right. You heard me. 

According to the site, All Things RH, Dina Manzo is back and "has officially signed on with Bravo for the new season." Apparently, her Project Ladybug event in early November "is going to be filmed for the show, so producers can get all of the drama surrounding her return."

All Things RH is also reporting that twin sisters Nicole and Teresa Napolitano are currently test-shooting with show. The sisters are "40ish"; from Colts Neck, New Jersey; and Teresa runs in philanthropic circles in NJ, while Nicole owns a successful Dairy Queen. Oh, and like all RHONJ members, "family is everything to them." Also, another name that's been brought up is Amber Marchese, who is apparently a friend of the twins.

Say no more, Bravo snitch. You had me at "Dina Manzo."

It's about time they mix things up on this god forsaken show, because it feels like for the last two seasons, we've been watching the same thing over and over again. I loved Dina when she was on first season, and I can't wait to see her back in the gauntlet in the next one.

The only thing that could make things better is more Rosie, please. Apparently, Rosie is finally going to be compensated for her small role on the show, but I say, in addition to that, they give her more screen time. Seriously, who doesn't love that lady? Dina + Rosie = RHONJ Magic.

Are you excited about the new cast?


Image via Bravo

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Marietta Kenney

well Caroline was the only real person on there so you need to remove your head from your ass plus she has her own show now... unlike the felons.. and yes bring dina back as she needs the money now..

Aleathea Thibodeaux Daigle

No Jacqueline either?! Guess this is another RH to scratch off my list! Now, down to BH and OC, probably won't last much longer with those either?! This sux!

kgrey5 kgrey5

Hate to see Jacqueline go , this is so sad wanted to see her journey with Nick . I will miss her and her family.

Barbara Palaith-Newson

Didn't see where someone got fired?  Caroline quit and Jacqueline left.

Lynne Edwards Akers

Now it looks like they are bringing in "younger" wives so they can call Tre


Sandee Morelion

I don't want more Rosie.  In fact, I'd love no Rosie at all.  She sounds like a belligerent druken truck driver most of the time.  Kathy and Rich can go too, and take Rosie with them, exit stage left.  Glad to see Dina's back, though!  

nonmember avatar Michelle

This season was so boring they need something new I didn't even tune in to the reunion show . Going to miss Caroline she really put the glue on the show! Pick it up ladies before they cancel your cast boring!!

DiAnn Garancosky

Dina is boring...hope they get rid  of her .

Nancy Lewis Latt

Glad Caroline's leaving. Too bad about Jacqueline after all that that plastic surgery-. Will her daughter stay?

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