Sober Living Is Making Jenelle Evans Goofier Than Ever (VIDEO)

jenelle evansThe proudly proclaimed clean-and-sober Jenelle Evans seems to have truly turned over a new leaf. Just days after announcing that she hasn't had a drink or a smoke in a minute, she's showing her sunnier side to all her followers on social media. Her clear skin and bright eyes (and presumably full heart) are proof enough that she's happier and healthier than ever.

But an even bigger indication that she has every intention of staying on the horse? Just how much fun she seems to be having now that she's clean. Sure, Jenelle's always been a big proponent of "having fun." It's just that in the past that "fun" usually involved falling down while out of her mind or somebody getting arrested.

Those days seem to be gone for good! In the video Jenelle recently posted to Vine, she seems to be having a blast. It's Jenelle at her goofiest and I hope it's the first of many such snippets. Jenelle shot the playful video before heading out on a trip to Charleston with some of her friends. Aw, buddy adventures, I love it.

It's also fun to see Jenelle asserting her own sense of self. While it's great that she and boyfriend Nathan Griffith are so happy together, it would be awful to see Jenelle lose her own identity in yet another destructive and co-dependent relationship. The fact that she can lovingly and playfully joke about driving her own car for once is proof of just how comfortable she feels in her dynamic with Nathan. Keep up the awesome, Jenelle. We heart it. Just make sure you don't film any videos while you're ACTUALLY driving, mkay?

Do you think Jenelle's going to stick with her new lifestyle?


Image via Instagram

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Spooky80 Spooky80

"sober living" and "jenelle" don't exist in the same sentence because jenelle isn't sober and clean and never will be!

nonmember avatar mikec

did you let that skank write this article for herself? no one believes she is sober. she just failed a court ordered drug test less than a month ago. this article is garbage

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