Farrah Abraham Snaps a Selfie on Twitter & What Is Up With Her Lips?

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You guys! Quick! Someone help Farrah Abraham, because a bee stung her on the lips and she’s clearly having an allergic reaction with all that swelling! Or, you know, maybe Farrah Abraham had some lip work done.

The plastic surgery-happy Teen Mom snapped a selfie for Twitter on Wednesday, with the caption: “#selfie Wednesday #HappyTime :))))))))” The picture itself showed off what looks to be a brand new trout pout.

Why, Farrah, why?? Didn’t you just have your chin implant taken out last week? Is changing your body with some new plumping or tucking or shifting or whatever the same way I feel about changing the color of my shellac? Sure it’s kind of a pain in the hiney, but I do it anyway because it makes me feel pretty. But it's just my nails!

Girly girl, all of this is going to catch up with you someday. I know you don’t believe it now because you’re like, 22, and famous and stuff, but dang, lady. I’m not anti-plastic surgery by any means, but I’m also for moderation.

And exactly what message is this sending to your 4-year-old daughter? How is she going to learn to be comfortable in her own skin if Mommy’s is always messing with hers?

It’s just a hunch ... but I bet you’d be better off spending the money you spend on plastic surgery on therapy instead.

What do you think of Farrah’s new fluffy lips? (TWSS!)

Image via F1abraham/Twitter

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lobus lobus

She used to be so pretty. Smh

mmbgdr mmbgdr

Those lips & choppers scare me. Make it STOP!!

erlar... erlark2012

Her face is jacked. She's not pretty anymore.

nonmember avatar brandi

she looks like a man

nonmember avatar Kani

O LQQK, It's Mr. Ed with lip injections ! A horse is a horse, of course of course,
and no one can talk to a horse of course

Bianka Alers


Rochelle Allgire

Before she just looked like a camel. Now she looks like a camel with a baboon's butt for lips! She's so gross.

AliPa... AliParker

She totally looks like a man. She clearly wants her outside to look as ugly as her inside. She is almost there... Carry on.

nonmember avatar Abi

She thinks it makes her look better but in actuality it's just making herself more fugly by the minute, she looks like a horse forreal now smh

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