Miley Cyrus Gets Naked for Yet Another Video, Making 'Wrecking Ball' Look Tame

miley cyrusMiley Cyrus has a new video out and in it she's completely clothed. Oh, did I say completely "clothed"? I meant to say completely "naked". And no, not talking about "Wrecking Ball" here. This is a new naked Miley video. And actually, it's not even her song! Pretty soon there's going to be a naked Miley Cyrus cameo in every music video ever made. Naked Miley sitting under an orange tree in the background. Naked Miley driving by in a Prius. Naked Miley surreptitiously popping out of a manhole. It's going to be fantastic. And I think her people are actually going to go back and retroactively place her in popular videos from the past, as well. There's been talk about starting with naked rosary bead-carrying Miley being inserted into Madonna's "Like a Prayer." But it's still in the spitballing stage. We'll see what happens.

The current video Miley is in the nude for is for rapper Future's song "Real and True". A few stills have been released and Miley can be seen covered from head to toe in nothing more than metallic body paint, because she's playing an alien. And apparently that's what aliens look like, according to the people who have seen them.

Now, look. I realize that at this point dissing Miley Cyrus for every single thing she does, says, and wears is kind of old hat. She's seemingly out of control. We all get it, right? But I feel like I'd be remiss if I didn't talk about Miley's current nudey antics while mentioning the fact that she just starred in a positively awesome video where she sings "We Can't Stop" with The Roots on Jimmy Fallon a capella. It was fantastic. It reminded us that the girl actually has talent. It gave Miley publicity for all the right reasons. Why does she keep resorting to shocking outfits and nudity? She has merits beyond her body and devil-may-care attitude. And beyond that, her antics are just kind of getting old. Is anyone really shocked by anything she does any more? In fact, it be more shocking if she stopped acting so shocking.

It doesn't seem like Miley's going to quit towing the line any time soon, so I guess we best just all get used to seeing her tongue and pretty much every other body part of hers. But I have a feeling that after a while, people are just going to stop looking. And I don't think that's what Miley wants.

What do you think of Miley Cyrus?


Image via Walik Goshorn/Retna Ltd./Corbis

miley cyrus


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KamiR... KamiRox81

I think she is complete trash!!!

Johni... Johnie_Sweeney

Im sorry i love miley. Why is when she gets naked she is trash but when magic mike came out we were all first in line to watch the movie?? She is comfortable with her body and good for her. We should empower all girls to be comfortable with them selves (( not to teach them to always take their clothes off but to be ok with their bodies)).

jessi... jessicasmom1

she is either going to make it big or bust yet

Katherine Wallace

I am sorry Johnie, I disagree..taking your clothes off in videos, or onstage do not necessarily teach young women to do the same to get attention..but doing it without regard to the audience is sick and twisted..Magic Mike is a poor example..everyone who went to see it knew what it was about..the scene done by Miley Cyrus that began this whole take your clothes off venture was not one that anyone knew what they were getting themselves into. Miley and her producers/correographers knew there would be children watching too..that was wrong..if you want to teach a young woman to be comfortable with her body you don't do it by "twerking" on stage like some sex starved animal with no self-respect...the scene that started this whole thing with Miley did the exact opposite of "showing women to be comfortable with their bodies" showed them that it's okay to act like a slut in front of the whole world. I'm all for adult entertainment..she's an adult and her adult audience should be allowed to watch without any judgement..but the starting point to that venture didn't show that her target is adult entertainment, it is everything from children to adults..and that's what I have a problem with.

nonmember avatar Faye Tackett

Too much of most anything will make you sick, bore you, seem silly. Miley is like a song played over and over...gets old.

nonmember avatar kevin

there could be worse things to look at

Evanell Trow


nonmember avatar jose

Miley is a nasty slut

nonmember avatar mel

honestly people get over it ...ya ur kids see this on tv and miley being naked well what about the rated R movies you all let your kids watch with sex scenes and they hear about the shootings on tv and everywhere , and the video games that have all kinds of nasty language and now theres even people having sex in video games...and you want to bitch and complain about a music video that shows what cleavage and her ass . seriously get over it and if it wasn't her it would be someone else idk about you but I have seen much worse videos. and someone will come out with a much worse video or what not to top hers so I think she can do what she wants and if she gets more famous from everyone talking about her than there ya go ...that's kind of the point. so lets focus on everyone getting murdered in the world and how we can keep out children safe rather than being pissed off cuz some famous person did a video where she is naked but you basically cant see anything.

Gary Balanesi

Add money and they all serf destruct, like Britney spears and Lohan

No moral standards or whatever! money corrupts..

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