Scott Disick Gets What He Deserves for Bad Behavior at Fashion Show (VIDEOS)

scott disickI think the world collectively has the same opinion of Scott Disick. When we were first introduced to him on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, we hated him. Then he kinda grew on us. Now we can't help but love the obnoxious little rascal. But every now and again, when the Lord gets a few drinks in him, Old Scott comes out. And Old Scott is no bueno.

Old Scott made a complete ass of himself on Tuesday at a Style Fashion Week L.A. event by scream-rapping "I drive f*cking Bentleys!" to a crowd of people; harassing a model to the point where she flipped him off whilst still on the runway; and attempting to pull the designer off-stage at the end of the show while he was taking his bow.

And, yes, it's all caught on video. And, yes, I talked to Kourtney. She's pissed.

JK on that last part, but check out what a buffoon Scott was. Two seperate videos. Sorry.


Apologies for killing your brain cells, but what a douche bag, right?! And making matters even worse was that he was out with 17-year-old Kendall and 16-year-old Kylie. Nice chaperone. Maybe that's how the girls wound up at a "21 and over sex-themed night club" later on in the evening. They were being led around by drunken maniac.

Bottom line is Scott just needs to quit drinking altogether. Every time this man has more than a glass of wine or a beer, he gets out of hand. And (almost) every time it's caught on tape. Just stop already.

Scott, we all (kind of) love you, but you really made yourself look like an idiot last night. Time to grow up, pal. For god's sake, you have two kids.

What do you think of Scott's behavior?

Image via TMZ



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nonmember avatar Denise Lovato

I think Scott should stop drinking , he obvious can't control do the right think and have people love you .not kinda love u....and keep it on the down low ...kortney is the only one that. Has to do this and don't turn back ...:*)

Marilyn Vargas-Andrew

Kourtney can not do thing about it. He is who he is and she has always been too light on him. He's there for the fame, she's there for the sperm.

Mato-Luta Red Bear

i thought he was a lot better than that...............alcohol,automobiles & money dont mix..............they dont agree with can ruin a man of great character it has many people in native country even chiefs,leaders & medicinemen...........

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