Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt Make Mind-Blowing Baby Announcement

speidiOh my God. I am kind of obsessed with Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, you guys. I know, it's very 2009 of me. This new-found passion is doubly strange because I wasn't even that into them to begin with. I mean, I read a lot about Heidi's infamously excessive amounts of plastic surgery, sure. But those articles were hard to avoid if you existed on the planet and/or found yourself in a drugstore.

Lately, the borderline-okay-totally insane duo has been making the media rounds yet again. First up, their fake web-series "Spiedi Show" was the subject of much heated debate. When it was finally revealed that the project was so the opposite of real, I think even its biggest detractors were let down at hearing they wouldn't have such a show to gawk at and make fun of. But the couple had an announcement in store that was even bigger news.


Now those kooky kids are it again. This time Spencer and Heidi are talking babies! That's right -- human children, probably the offspring of their own loins! You could almost hear the Internet grind to a halt when Heidi tweeted, "1 reason we're trying to get fit is Spencer & I are trying to conceive" Did this mean a BABY SPEIDER WAS COMING OUR WAY?

Turns out, no. Because Spencer and Heidi aren't trying to conceive an actual human child. They are trying to conceive a small, hairless monkey an aura baby. What's an aura baby? Well might you ask. I Googled it and returned only harrowing results. Heidi did her best to clarify but I've got to be honest -- her answer only further confused things:

I don't know what Lauren Conrad thinks of all this, but the words "laughing" and "her ass off" are probably not too far off point. There's doing and saying stuff because you're desperate for fame and then there's doing and saying outlandish stuff because you are just crazy. I'm starting to think these two, in all their crystal-worshipping aura-conceiving glory, might fall into the last camp.

Do you think Heidi is a scammer or totally for real?


Image via Ethan Miller/Getty

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