'Teen Mom' Star Confesses to Being Mentally Destroyed by Fame

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jenelle evansThere's no doubting that being in the national spotlight is stressful, no matter if you're an A-list politician or a D-list MTVlebrity. It seems like one of Teen Mom 2's stars is really beginning to feel the intense pressure of all that comes with fame. That person? Jenelle Evans' former fiance Gary Head. Head confessed to his Twitter followers over the weekend that he has "so much stress" that he doesn't know how to handle it. Apparently, Gary is getting "destroyed mentally."

Well I mean, of course he is. The kid's been completely torn apart by a zillion different people on Twitter, he was robbed at a WalMart last year, and he's constantly worrying about what people he doesn't even know are thinking about him.

So the question comes up: Is it all worth it?

I guess it depends what these teens want in life and what they need. For some of these Teen Mom stars, they depend on the income from MTV to support their families, they're looking for the certain level of fame that comes with a gig like this in order to launch into other careers. For others, it just seems like a cool thing to do -- so they sign up.

Here's the thing: Gary didn't ask for this kind of fame, he got it because he was in love (or so we believe anyway) with Jenelle while she was filming this show. He became known by association. Now, as much as he may want to, he may never be able to completely hide from the public ever again. I mean, sure, it's not like people recognize this guy walking down the street like he's Leonardo DiCaprio or anything. But ... someone somewhere may always know his face.

I don't know about you, but that kind of recognition may make me reconsider ever doing something like this in the first place.

Do you think the stars of Teen Mom deserve all this attention?


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Mommy... Mommyfreckles

Wasnt he the guy that supplied her with drugs and got her hooked on heroin and chocked and beat her? If it is, I sure dont feel bad for him. Karmas a b****

nonmember avatar Ashley

No that was not gary that was keiffer that got her hooked on heroin. And Gary got robbed at wal mart just a few weeks ago not a year ago. Gary seems to be a really nice guy and jenelle ruined his live! Poor guy! He shouldn't worry what people on twitter say but mostly everyone supports Gary. He's the only ex who doesn't/did do heroin with jenelle.

count... countingstars24

I feel bad for him... Jenelle seems to be a toxic mix for a bunch of the guys she dates. Didn't he lose his career in the marines because of the abuse charges Jenelle placed against him? I'm sorry but if I ever met that girl I might have to punch her because there is no way I could ever stand being around her. She is very self absorbed and only cares about herself, and she is verbally and emotionally abusive to others but always acts like the victim. She just seems to be the type of person that brings out the worst in people... His mistake wasn't being on tv, it was getting involved with a mental case like Jenelle.

nonmember avatar me

I bet most people have no idea who he is. If he dropped off media, including twitter etc, for 6 mos no one would care, theyd move on and he could have his anynomus life back. If youre always running to tabloids to sell stories of yourself, yeah, some people are going to recognize you.

nonmember avatar Melissa

I dont watch any of these shows. I just wanted to put my 2 cents in......
"For some of these Teen Mom stars, they depend on the income from MTV to support their families"---this is what bothers me. What are these girls going to do when their 'fame' is over with. what would they be doing to support their families if they chose not to put their lives on tv? I was young when I had my girls (not a teen, but not far from it). I worked full time, and attended classes as often as i could. And now I can support my family without having to expose our every move. And better yet, I feel accomplished and proud. I'm in no way saying I am better than any of these girls, but I do know that I am making an honest living and teaching my girls about good work ethics and being responsible, something that we see diminishing rapidly with each new generation.
My problem with this show is the fact that these children are being exposed. I cant help but think that when some of these kids are in school, that they might be victims of being bullied, just because of who they are, as well as who their moms are. If you read about stars who started at a young age, some of them talk about being bullied just because they were taking that route in life. These children do not have a choice.
If this guy in this article is mentally destroyed by fame (and from what I gather, he wasnt a "main" person on the show), then what do you suppose is going to happen with the kids?

caleb... calebsmama12312

No one got jenelle hooked on heroin. I hate when people say that. No one held her down & stuck a needle in her arm. I think she got hooked on pain pills from her boob job & maybe the boyfriend suggested the idea of heroin but ultimately she did it & no one is to blame but herself.

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