Jamie Foxx Confesses What's Really Going On With Katie Holmes (VIDEO)

katie holmesBefore we get on with our day, it's time to get one big fat rumor fixed: Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are NOT a couple. I repeat, Tom Cruise's buddy is not dating his ex-wife. In fact, claims to the contrary are "hilarious" to Jamie Foxx, who set the record straight on Entertainment Tonight last night, calling the rumors "100 percent not true."

Well, there you have it, folks. There's no "Mission: Impossible"-style romancing going on between the actors; however, Jamie reportedly admitted that being more than friends with Katie is an impossible mission.

Interesting. So let me get this right ... Katie's not quite ready to move on from her very bizarro, potentially traumatizing marriage to Tom Cruise? You don't say!


I get that we live in a time when messages can be sent and updated and uploaded at a lightning pace, and in turn, it seems like everything in our lives is moving faster. Including our relationships. But that doesn't mean that getting over a relationship -- a marriage -- happens any faster.

We seem to want to push people into new relationships ASAP, thinking they'll be better off emotionally if they just rebound and get on with it. But sometimes it's better to be single for a while.

Nah, it's not nearly as exciting for other people if you're doing your own thing, enjoying solo time, getting to know who you are without the ex, but who cares? If holding out on dating is what you need to do, go for it -- or don't, rather. What I mean is anyone coming out of a relationship should always feel free to take as much time as you need before diving into something new. There's no timeframe or deadline. You move on whenever you're ready.

Katie was in a long-term relationship with Chris Klein before she got with the King of Scientology ... and before Chris, wasn't there Joshua Jackson? She could have very well made it through most of her teens and 20s as a serial monogamist. I can totally understand why she might want to be alone, enjoying motherhood and time with Suri, and that's it. Whenever she's ready to move on and fall in love again is completely up to her. In the meantime, let's not jump to conclusions about her dating any and every ol' eligible Hollywood bachelor!

Do you agree we're too quick to push recently divorced people into new relationships?

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