Hot Young Actor Thinks He's Already Got Christian Grey Part Down

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Now that Charlie Hunnam is out of the film version of Fifty Shades of Grey, the part is pretty much wide open for any actor in Hollywood. And a few of them are making it known that they want the part! Josh Henderson, who plays Jon Ross Ewing on Dallas, isn't pulling any punches in that he believes the role should be his! His reasoning? His character on Dallas is pretty much -- Christian! Only, you know, with an oil empire.

I don't watch Dallas, but according to Wikipedia, Josh's character does sound remarkably similar to Christian. He's described as "deliciously sinister" and "the sexy bad guy you can't get enough of and you secretly root for." Hummm, Christian, anyone? If that isn't enough for you, Josh himself says that his character is, well, basically Christian. He told Naughty But Nice Rob:

Christian is kind of very much like Jon Ross. If Jon were on showtime or HBO he’d be very much like Christian. I get that a lot on social media. I heard about [Charlie] yesterday. A lot of the Dallas fans picture him as Christian Grey. Whatever actor gets it, half will hate it or love it, so I feel for the guy. Would I want to do it? I think I’d enjoy being able to play someone so intense and dark. I guess we will just have to see.

Sheesh, he might as well have cried, Cast me, cast me, pleeeeease!!

In terms of looks, Josh would make a decent Christian. He's certainly got the body. And check out that pic of him tied up in bed (which I presume is a still from Dallas and not a private pic, heh). He looks right at home in that scenario! Though, as Christian, he'd be the one doing the tying up.

Of course, every up-and-coming actor in Hollywood is eyeing the role right now and probably having their agent send pics of them in various states of disarray to the Fifty producers.

But Josh sounds like the kind of guy who would welcome the intense fame that Charlie supposedly couldn't handle.

Do you think he's right for the role?


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Patrinia M Johnson

He is actually AWESOME on Dallas. I would not mind this. What he says is true. He is pretty much Christian but in Texas with oil.

nonmember avatar Kim22

He's perfect ! Finally someone new. He can be my Christian any day

nonmember avatar Laila

HEEEEELL NOOOO! I EVEN WAS VERY HAPPY WITH THE WHOLE CHARLIE-HUNNAM-IS-CHRISTIANGREY...And now not even that. Passing from someone like Charlie to what?.... right... Josh Whtvr.... is like.... NO!!!!!!!.

nonmember avatar Noah

Double Hell Yes!!! He's Amazing.

elena... elenacalif

Christian Grey in cowboy boots   LOL  big smile mini

Cindy Hartford

 Please..........NOOOOOO. What's his fetish??? Baby Diapers????? Does NOT look the " type  :( "


April Bozman

Cute.  Not terrible.  Definitely better than the previous choice.  

Barbara Ridgley

Looks hot!  I somehow get the feeling if an actor I know and like plays Christian, I might be ....not actually repulsed, but turned off him.  So for me and 'unknown' is an ideal choice.

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