Robert Pattinson Uses His Dogs to See Kristen Stewart Again Because That Would Totally Work

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kristen stewart robert pattinsonThe celeb gossip mills are at it again, trying to glue the broken Robsten back together again. Supposedly, Robert Pattinson still loves Kristen Stewart and is using their dogs as an excuse to see her again. Because! RPattz + KStew = Tru Luv 4EVA & EVAAAAA!!! And I have two things to say about this: Yeah right.

A source claims that Rob is trying to arrange a doggie playdate with Kristen and their pets, Bear and Bernie. "Rob is clearly not over Kristen. When he saw a recent photograph of Kristen, he smiled and said she was wearing his baseball hat. It’s just so obvious." Yeah, I guess it does sound like Rob still misses Kristen -- if you're one of those obsessive types who overanalyzes every tiny gesture for hidden meaning. If you're not, you could conclude that Rob saw a photo of Kristen wearing his old baseball cap and smiled because LOL, she's still wearing that damn hat, doesn't she ever get rid of anything? But back to the dogs ...

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Rob's clever plan to win back Kristen (despite being the one who broke up with her in the first place) goes a little something like this. Quoth the source:

He for sure wants to see her and will use Bear and Bernie as an excuse to see her. He wants to have a playdate. They used to take long walks in Griffith Park with the dogs when they were together. He wants to do that with her. He will make it seem like the dogs miss Kristen, which I am sure they do, but Rob is the one who really misses her.

Yezzzzz, Kristen will never suspect a thing until she suddenly finds herself back in Rob's loving clutches. "SHE WILL BE MINE, OH YES, SHE WILL BE MINE," Rob cackles to himself, rubbing his hands together before a roaring fire in his library. I don't know why, but I picture him plotting this plan in his library before the fireplace. Just go with it, everyone.

Or don't go with it, because it's probably not true at all. I think both Rob and Kristen want to move on with their lives, and it's everyone else who's stuck in the past, trying to relive the Twilight glory days, and using any cockamamie thread of details to weave together a thin fantasy poncho of a reunion. (Um, did you follow that?) Move on, people! For the one millionth time, it's OVER. As Percy Bysshe Shelley once wisely put it, "Man's yesterday may ne'er be like his morrow; Nought may endure but Mutability, yo."

Do you think Rob is using the dogs to see Kristen again?


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nonmember avatar Rahul Roy

My Fevorite Actor N Actress Of The World.I Like 2

Shirley Sorrow

I haven't thought about that, but it could work.  Maybe Kristen will bring her new dog to meet Bear & Bernie and they will become instant best friends.  What is Rob & Kristen to do?  Maybe they should move back in together so the dogs will be a threesome and all is right with the world.  It could happen.  I'd rather hope that if they still have feelings (Rob & Kristen not the dogs) that they will see each other and try to work things out.  I don't think either of them will find someone as equally suited for them.  Oh, true love......hugging

Rebecca Moore Pinaula

He still loves her. Leave them alone and let them work things out! One way or another. Maybe they can be just good friends. Leave them alone!

nonmember avatar em

I hope that this is true!! She has been faithful when they split up. i dont believe that there was no Dylan and Robert. These two need to pull this together if they truly love each other. if they do everyone needs to leave them alone...Robsten all the way!!!!!

Sabrina Sicilia

Will if there both still in love with each other everyone have the right too work out they i do wish both Robert and Kristen the best of luck. I know they not worry about what other people think about cause it really no one business.

Karen McClintock

I think those two were made for each other! I will be praying for a solid realionship!

Kimberly Dixon

yes I think they are cute couple

Caryn Burton

Sometimes, the comments scare me so much more than the posts do... "She has been faithful when they split up..."  Yes, certainly... Except, it's just too bad she wasn't faithful while they were still together... That's kind of the real test, isn't it?  Either time, really, which is what most people think lead to the split in the first place.. So, yes, no.  I'm thinking this is complete bs and it's really such a disservice to even post it because all it does is kindle hope among the lemming herd.

Guadalupe Velasquez

HAHAHA! the whole cackle in front of the fireplace thing is Hilarious! I do that for fun! I totally agree that people need to move on. A movie is just a movie. Kristen Stewart and Robert pat. tried their relationship out and it didn't work. period. yes Kristen Stewart cheated- shes not the first, nor the last, its her life get over it! It's only a big deal because shes famous otherwise people wouldn't still be judging her!

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