Farrah Abraham Has the Wrong Idea About Her Sex Tape Fans

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farrah abrahamYou know who I miss? Farrah Abraham. Yesterday I did not write about her. The result? I saw her face everywhere. Even my aged cat began to resemble the Backdoor Teen Mom. It was truly a thing of horror. The only way of curing myself of this terrible fever? To share with you Farrah's latest and most palm-to-forehead inducing interview.

Farrah, like Cleopatra before her, has lived in a constant state of denial ever since shooting her porno with James Deen. Notice I did not say her "sex tape." Because that is not what she made. She engaged in sexual congress with the objection of mass distribution to a public audience. Boom. But now, Farrah's closer to admitting that she knew what she was doing. Her rationalization about the project is a thing of beauty that rivals even a snowflake in its majesty.

According to Farrah, making a tape that captures her having sex isn't that different from starring on Teen Mom. Take a minute and really let that sink in. Farrah just compared sharing her journey as a young, single mother to her ventures into the adult entertainment industry. Still having a hard time grasping it? Me too. Maybe we should have Farrah explain:

I think having a TV show that shows your personality and your intimate life, you know, showing your best friend, and then showing having sex -- to me it’s kind of the same thing because both things are intimate ... You’re very close with them, so in that aspect, in that light, I think it’s only helped me be more honest and a hardworking person because I have more going on than my personal life, I have a professional life. So that’s how I feel about that.

In the same breath she talks about appreciating getting to know her "male fan-base." If Farrah thinks these dudes suddenly fawning over her are long-time Teen Mom fans, I am afraid that by and large girlfriend is mistaken. They are booty hounds, the lot of them! Farrah's halfway there when it comes to admitting the tape wasn't a private adventure that was "accidentally" leaked for the enjoyment of the populace. Here's hoping that means she's on the road to letting go of her delusions and rationalizations once and for all.

Do you think Farrah will ever fully admit that she made the tape professionally?


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mmbgdr mmbgdr

I have read her comment over & over....it makes absolutely no sense. If what is going on inside that unusually large head of hers is as scrambled as what comes out of those unusually large (getting bigger by the minute) lips of hers...can you imagine what it must look like if you cut the top the top of her head open & looked inside?? Jumbled up chaos. If scientists could study that brain of hers someday, they might actually be able to find a cure for batsh*t crazy.

nonmember avatar Guest

Not liking her. At all. Her goal: $$$$$ In past years I did watch 16 + Pregnant from time to time. FA's always had a terrible & mean attitude.

dez0717 dez0717

What an idiot.

nonmember avatar Ryan Jenkins

Man I'm ashamed to say I live in the city she grew up in council bluffs is a great city

xxshe... xxshelbyxxx

Farrah is an idiot and you're wasting breathe and precious Stir space by writing about her lowly ass. She's a bad mom and a worse role model.

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