'Teen Mom' Star's Husband Is Headed Back to Jail

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Courtland Rogers mugshotLadies and germs, if you're looking for Courtland Rogers, you'd better check the visiting hours at the Brunswick County Detention Center. Yup, the husband of Jenelle Evans is back in jail. And from the sounds of it, the Teen Mom 2 star won't be dealing with him for a long, long time.

Jenelle gleefully tweeted last week that her ex-husband-to-be had relapsed on drugs, and it seems it's true!

Courtland apparently knew he was going to fail a drug test, so he turned himself in to his probation officer over the weekend, and now he's going to pay the piper.

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From the looks of his Twitter account, the 27-year-old live tweeted his own arrest because, well, he's Jenelle Evans' husband. What ELSE would he do? Most of the tweets were directed at his current girlfriend -- remember, he and Jenelle are headed for a divorce -- Samantha Lin Ferrell, but he offered up this to his "fans" from the Teen Mom world:


Got that? You can write to him in prison! And you'll have plenty of time to get your words just right. Samantha Lin went on blog radio to say her boo will be cooling his heels courtesy of Brunswick County for the next nine months.

Frankly, if he can't stay clean on the outside, maybe this is for the best. Just look at the wonders prison has done for Amber Portwood!

And strange, but true, this is what counts as good news in Jenelle Evans world, y'all. If he's in jail, he's not around to harass her or tempt her back into drugs. The longer she can keep bad influences like Courtland away, the better chance she has of cleaning up her act and doing right by little Jace.

What do you think of Courtland's trip back to jail? Were you expecting this?


Image via Brunswick County

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Amy Adams

Jenelle can't stay out of jail either. I'm surpirsed she is not in their now what's it been a whole month and no aresst for her?

count... countingstars24

She really does need to grow up and stop gloating over other people's problems, especailly since she has been there. He may not be a good person and he does need to stay away from her, but being happy that someone is struggling with drug addiction is childish. If she is staying away from drugs then good for her, but she shouldn't be teaching Jace to gloat over other people's struggles. A part of being a mom is being a good role model and that includes teaching them good values.

Adrianne Lyne Boggs

sad part is if you want to get drugs in the inside you can. so inless you are serious about getting clean than its not going to work. and 9 months really isnt that long.. he will probably leave jail and go right back into it again..

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