Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici's Marriage May Already Be Doomed

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Sean Lowe Catherine GiudiciUh-oh. Yesterday we learned that Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici have set a wedding date of January 26, 2014, so we all figured things must be better than ever between them if they're tying the knot so soon.

But then today I heard that Sean's family didn't attend his engagement party in Seattle a couple weeks ago. It struck me as not only really odd, but also as a terrible sign for his marriage to Catherine getting off on the right foot.

I mean, why on earth would his parents and sister opt to stay in Dallas instead of flying to Seattle to help the happy couple celebrate?

There can only be one reason -- though I hate to admit it.

Duh. They simply aren't on board with this marriage and probably don't think Catherine is the one for him. And I'm sure you can guess why. One source told Radar Online that Catherine is "not Christian enough" and that "their families are not on the same page."

And while I guess it's possible that Sean's family will be throwing the couple a second engagement party back in Texas and figured there was no reason to attend two -- something just seems fishy about this whole deal.

Ugh. If there is one single solitary ounce of tension between Catherine and Sean's family, then I have a small piece of advice to offer her. "RUN FOR THE HILLS, HONEY!"

I have never been shy about the fact that my in-laws are not exactly my biggest fans (far from it). I can't help but blame myself a little for not seeing the red flags early on, warning me that I was in for a real battle when it came to doing everything in my power to try and be accepted by them. (For the record, 10 years later, it still hasn't happened. But I'm over it.)

I didn't think much of it at the time when they did not attend my bridal shower. Looking back on it now, it was an obvious sign that they never really figured my marriage to their son/brother, etc. was going to stick.

And even though I realized we didn't have a warm and fuzzy thing going on, I figured once my husband and I were married, they'd fall in love with me and I'd be part of the fam and we'd play charades in front of the fire over the holidays or some crap like that.

But sadly, that never happened, and if Sean's family hasn't accepted Catherine as one of their own yet, they never will. Like ever. If she's smart, she'll either put all her cards out on the table with them now and get things resolved, or she'll take it as a sign that maybe she and Sean aren't supposed to be together and go back to her life as a single gal in Seattle.

For her sake, I really hope their absence from the engagement party was nothing more than a logistical issue. But if it's not? Maybe 10 years from now, she and I can start our own secret club or self-help group or something.

Do you have a good relationship with your in-laws?


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nonmember avatar Janet

Mary, if you followed either of them on instagram/twitter you would know that Sean and Catherine attended a Lowe family party last Saturday night. Please be informed before you throw shade.

Townl... Townley0623

It is so crazy that you wrote this as I felt as if u were talking about my in-laws! My hubby and I just celebrated our 10th and 4 kids later, one from each of our first marriages (in which my hubby just adopted my 13 year old son as his bio is serving a 15 out of 55 year prison sentence for molesting his daughter ; with another woman) and my step-daughters bio mom whom used to opt for first class on a flight and over 100k in boob jobs/tummy tucks in one year is now homeless and unemployed) yet my mother in law STILL has a BFF relationship with her and in fact just let her "live" with her for 2 weeks to "house sit" like that's an actual job; just to have an excuse to associate with her and piss me off! There are many, many, many stories over the past decade that have been downright rediculous ...and like u..after 10 years...I am officially "over it" and just don't care anymore :) and I thought I was the only one lol

Dania Elisse

from RADAR ONLINE?? haha, Catherine thanked Sean's sister and some of Sean's firends from Texas for the Engagement party on twitter and Leslie Murphy i guess everyone planned the party for them but not all of them were able to attended! Sean's father posted a pic on his IG he called them "his kids" and Catherine and Sean's mom are very close i don't know where people get the family don't like her from! Sean's friends also love her! i feel bad for them i can't wait for their wedding so the stupid rumors can stop

nonmember avatar maya

if you only followed sean's parent in instagram you will see that they love catherine. actually the picture that convince you that seancat are real, the one of them in the pool with his niece/nephew last 4th of july, it was originally from sean's father instgram with a caption "my kids" before sean reposted it.

nonmember avatar Sarah

Of course your in-laws aren't your biggest fans. No surprise there considering how shallow, lazy, jealous, and negative you come across as in your posts.

Cheryl Elliott Feltman

You need to gather your facts before writing anything.  Get a Life instead of trying to predict other peoples.  You are not very good at that.

Geraldine Elizabeth Drewlo

I agree you must be of the same yoke. Bible says so strongly. Be of the same faith.

Pat Mendoza

wow! super nega some comments... very bad comments.. these people should just look and listen.. yes, engagement party was given by friends of catherine... way to go Gaya and Sean... God bless you both... stay happy ..Congrats and best wishes....

Chrissy Siebeneck

no- and my dying mother seen it and I didn't, we've been married 7yrs and for the brother-inlaws and sister-in laws I am not accepted at all I guess they think I'm stupid [not]


Ardina Wang

Sean and Catherine go to Church every Sunday together, they read the Bible every morning together. And The Lowes don't think Catherine is not Christian enough or maybe they're the one that are not Christian enough. Mary Fischer, you should gather your facts before you write this article and not from Radar! Bad journalism!!!

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