Guess Which Entire 'Real Housewives' Cast Might All Get Fired (VIDEO)

Wow -- this is a super-sized episode! Three hours of TV to cover as well as all the gossip in the press!

You asked, I answered; in today’s exclusive video, I talk New Jersey firings and replacements, as well as my predictions for Caroline Manzo post-Housewives, whether Dina Manzo will return, and what that means for Jacqueline Laurita.

Why should all Housewives fans take notice of Penny and Johnny the Greek’s latest lawsuit? They’ve done something NO ONE else has, and what does that mean for Bravo?

adrianaWhat’s it like to involve your family in filming the Housewives? Sometimes the little things you say mean a lot, as I noticed a reunion throwaway line from Joe Gorga.

And some really delicious behind the scenes gossip -- how did I meet the friend of the Housewife Jennifer Dalton and what was she up to?

We had a new episode (10th of the season) of The Real Housewives of Miami as well. What goes on behind the scenes of a reality television wedding and how, exactly, did Adriana de Moura think this dress channeled The Great Gatsby?

The Miami Housewives will film their reunion this week; what do you think will happen? I give you my prediction for the future of the Miami franchise, and something might surprise you! 

What do you think was the craziest part of Adriana's wedding?

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nonmember avatar gr8808

Hey Alex,

I've liked you from Season 1 of RHONY and have been following you ever since. I really like your new gig, and though I don't always agree with your opinion, I like them nevertheless! Congratulations! Wishing you nothing but continued success...maybe even the Bethenny-kind! Take care and keep it up!

marehoop marehoop

GREAT RECAP and funny too!! THANKS...

Jackie Primavera

Miami needs to go.Waste of time.Nothing nice about antyof them!

nonmember avatar Hi Alex,

They are not suing b/c they don't like how they came across -- they are suing b/c how they were setup. Johnny had met with Rich and Johnny beforehand so when they got to the event Joe Gorga acting surprised or acting as if they never met.

nonmember avatar Mrs. Noogent

Agree with most of what you said with one exception. Joey Gorga is full of it. Another excuse for his bad childish behavior. Always his sister's fault. His sister never shut him out and he filmed prior to joining the show. If you remember Tre's housewarming party she introduced her brother and he stood next to her. What Joey didn't like was the fact that his sister was on the show and was receiving attention. He and his fame-whore wife were clearly jealous and wanted what the Guidice's had. Actions speak louder than words and you can clearly see Joey Gorga doesn't give a crap about his sister.

nonmember avatar linda

@Mrs. Noogent and you know this how? Some of these people act like they personally know the reality families...have an opinion but don't act like it is a fact. I doubt anyone knows how Joe Gorga actually felt-shame on you.

Mary Kopan Reich

Alex..... love your 'Hammer".... cuz you hit the nail on the head every time!  Love your perspective.... you have 'been there and done that' plus you are intelligent and funny....   a dynamic combo!!!  Thanks so much Alex!      And a note to Mrs Noogent:  What show are you watching?  The discussion is about RHONJ and clearly you have not been watching that show.  Either that or you are smoking the same weed as Theresa Guidice which causes tunnel vision and brain lock. 


2kids... 2kids2dogs2cats

I love RHOM, they shouldn't have put Mayrsol, as a "friend", Mama Elsa and Marysol, make the show!

I love love love your comments, and wish that you could get your own Bravo show!

nonmember avatar kathy

Hi. I watched the Miami wedding and Lord! I was torn. Afraid I would miss something if I changed the channel and also did not want to miss anything good. should have changed the channel!! Can't believe making those poor people wait. that was incredible! i felt bad for everyone .

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