Lea Michele Makes It Clear She Has Big Post-'Glee' Plans (PHOTOS)

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rachel berry gleeLea Michele is moving on ... with her music career, at least. Although she's more committed to Glee than ever, the triple-threat is also launching her solo career. After announcing last fall that she was "officially on the road" to making her first album, and confessing back in June that the album was "pretty much locked ... being mastered ... and we we are just debating what we want the first single to be," Lea tweeted a couple of sneak peeks at her album cover shoot yesterday. And whoa ... let's just say this project looks like it will have just about ZERO Rachel Berry influence.

Check out the shots ...

lea michele album shoot 

lea michele album shoot 2

Gorgeous. And so ... not ... Glee. Guess this sexy, seriously grown-up spin shouldn't come as much of a surprise ... Last year, Lea Michele revealed her recipe for solo album success as "songs where girls can just roll down the windows of their car or dance around in their rooms in their underwear, like, 'I hate my ex-boyfriend!' or 'I'm so in love!'" Ha. So, perhaps she really will be shooting for a Selena Gomez-ish approach vs. something like what her buddy Idina Menzel or her idol Barbra Streisand would put out? 

To be honest, I initially wasn't so sure Lea pursuing top 40 domination (outside of Glee covers, that is) would turn out successfully, but now, as she steers far, far away from Miley Cyrus territory, I'm all for her becoming a legit pop star. At least that would mean at least one of the overplayed songs on the radio was by someone who can actually sing!

How do you feel about Lea taking a stab at original pop music?

Images via FOX & Lea Michele & Estee Stanley/Instagram

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D.j. Lord

every one on a hit show has "big plans"...five minutes after the show ends?..big plans turn into small plans

Sylvia Stein

She deserves it after all she has been through and I know she will make it big after Glee!  

Gabriela Rodrigues

someone who can actually sing!!!! FUCK YES, YOU GO LEA <3

nonmember avatar chelsea

Everyone just has to hate on Miley.... why? She's been through a lot and IS talented. Girl can sing and act. Did you not watch SNL? Stop the hate.(Selena on the other hand, no talent)

Cynthia Cadmus Clark

Exactly! A pop singer who can ACTUALLY sing???? BRING IT LEA!!!! We <3 you!!!!!!!

Jackie Cash

YES YES YES !!! go for it Lea you deserve to get out there and really give it to the music world you are a  brilliant beautiful young women with so much to give bring it you go girl I'm behind you 100% Lea Michele all the way.  xxx <3 :D

you rock

ninag... ninag1980

I LOVE her voice. I for one would be very excited to listen to her own music.  She sings with such feeling and emotion.  She has managed to make me a fan of songs I wasnt particularly fond of before I heard her singing.

ninag... ninag1980

she has a bad photoshop job on the second picture.  Her legs are not that bony!

Jennifer Chiodo

So excited for her!!! I will absolutely support her and buy her CD when it is released!!! GO LEA!!! 

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