Shirtless ‘Twilight’ Star in ‘Hercules’ Trailer Ends the Edward vs. Jacob Debate (VIDEO)

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Hercules trailerWhen you think of Twilight, inevitably you think of Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner ... but another star from the series has been making headlines recently. Kellan Lutz, who once played Emmett Cullen, one of the strongest vampires Bella Swan had ever seen, looks pretty damn good in the first trailer released for Hercules: The Legend Begins.

From sparkly, hunky vampire to shirtless, hunky demigod, it's kind of hard not to wonder why Kellan didn't get more press amidst all the Rob vs. Taylor madness. Seriously, if you're casting a famous mythological hero known for his strength, you better get it right, and it looks like they nailed it by choosing Kellen. Kudos to him for scoring a pretty amazing role post-Twilight. And it may look like a typical big-budget, violent, 300-ish, chock-full of medieval battle scenes kind of flick, but if the story does Hercules some justice for once, it could be worth tuning in!

In case you wanted to know, Hercules, the Roman name for the Greek hero Heracles, is the son of Greek god of gods Zeus and mortal Alcmene (don't let the Disney version fool you). Known for his awesome strength and many adventures, in particular the "12 Labours," this film version has him forced to choose between the woman he loves -- Hebe, the Princess of Crete, promised to his own brother -- and exile.

Well, in Greek mythology, Hebe is actually a goddess, the daughter of Zeus and Hera and was the gods' cup-bearer (though she does eventually marry Hercules), so for those of you hoping for a version that sticks closely to the original myth ... oh well. Maybe they'll get some of the other parts correct? Though the nerdiest part of me definitely would love to see a quick Zeus cameo -- we do get to see his lightning in the trailer, after all!

It also doesn't hurt that Kellan does spend a majority of the trailer shirtless.

Here it is!

Could be a fun flick to check out for spring next year, right? Set to be released in March 2014, kudos to Emmett of the original Cullen clan for building up a career for himself after the phenomenon that was Twilight. He's got the looks and brawn for the part. At least it's gotta be better than the Disney version ... right?

Would you watch Hercules: The Legend Begins? Do you think Kellan looks good in the trailer?


Image via firstsoundtracks/YouTube

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nonmember avatar Lisa b


Momma... MommaCady

Nope not hot. Can't stand super buff bodies like that

Mary Santora

oyeah, i would watch it he looks really good n hot


Tempeted Tempeted

Please excuse me while I wipe the drool from my chin. YUM!

Kayleigh Rogers

I'll be watching it... It has nothing to do with the half naked men at al... Honestly!

Kimberly Davidson- Meyer

Wow just watched the trailer to Hercules and now I can't wait to see it! Kellen Lutz is amazing!

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