LeAnn Rimes Says Dean Sheremet Needs to Get Over Her Cheating

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leann rimesIt seems like keeping your mouth shut isn't an acceptable mode of action if you exist in LeAnn Rimes's orbit. The woman has been known to passive-aggressively (and just plain aggressively) rant on her Twitter. Her rival -- and her husband's ex-wife -- Brandi Glanville has zero reservations when it comes to sharing every thought that glances across her dome.

Now it looks like there's a new potential contender for the title of "pot-stirrer" of the year in this ongoing soap opera. LeAnn's ex-husband, Dean Sheremet. He had to go and open his big mouth. What, wasn't he content with being the least despicable point on this triangle? I guess not. So of course it was only a matter of time until LeAnn addressed his comments.

LeAnn was less than pleased to hear that her former hubby had been spinning his sad story of betrayal for the press. In this case, we can't say we blame her. It's true, sometimes it's hard to feel (any) sympathy for LeAnn. But when your ex is dishing out bits of your past for no other reason than a little publicity -- a girl's got a right to be peeved.

But being who she is, LeAnn can't come right out and say, "I am pissed at Dean about this." Because that would be too easy. Instead she posted several 'mysteriously annoyed' tweets to her followers. Thankfully, the timing of the posts and their content don't exactly require us to haul out our Rosetta stone and scour the text for deep meaning. LeAnn thinks Dean needs to get over it. I have to say -- I totally agree! While it's one thing for Brandi to rip into LeAnn, they at least have an existing relationship in place because of Brandi's kids with Eddie Cibrian. Dean is clearly just desperate to be noticed.

Do you think LeAnn was right to address his comments -- even on Twitter?


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nonmember avatar SK

Who gives a shit what she wants!? This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen & I'm dumber for reading it.

nonmember avatar mel

I think since he got married he should not be talking about his ex out of respect for his new wife. It sounds like he is still hurt and bitter and that isn't too comforting to a new wife.

AliPa... AliParker

I didn't read the article but I am a wee bit familiar with their little story. And as much hate as I will get, he should get over it already. It happened years ago. Move on already! Being cheated on is awful. But dwelling on it for ages after is pathetic. Be mad, be sad, then move on.

nonmember avatar SickOfHearingIt

LeAnn wants to be the only one who talks about it because she likes to think she is the victim in the situation.

Rosa Guerrero

If LeAnn can tweet digs then so should Dean and Brandi. You would think that LeAnn would practice what she preaches. Her tweet about "over it....Next", why does she keep stirring the pot. Yes she is the stepmom of Brandi and Eddie's children but sometimes she tweets a bit to much about them and its almost like she wants to start something with Brandi. LeAnn is overdoing it on Twitter. She constantly is posting things that basically some people don't care about and her haters will hate and her fans will start a twitter war. LeAnn loves this stuff. I'm sure if LeAnn layed off for a bit she wouldn't get any digs from either Brandi. Now Dean on the other hand. He has a right to answer any questions he likes. i saw the interview and he didn't disclose anything intimate it was basically what had happened that ended their marriages. I'm almost 100% sure that if LeAnn would tone down a few of her pot stirring tweets everyone would be happy. That's just my two cents.

Julie Appio-macKinnon

I saw Deans interview as well Rosa and I thought the same way you did. He was asked a question and he answered it honestly. I did not take the interview as his way of Dissing Leann. He just stated at the time of the cheating scandal he was  blindsided.

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