Robert Pattinson Says He Doesn't Have Friends for 1 Reason

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robert pattinsonWell shoot, guess who got custody of all the friends when Robsten was split asunder? Kristen Stewart did. Robert Pattinson says he's been hanging out by his lonesome since breaking up with Kristen, or so he claims. "I'll disappoint you," he said in an interview, "but 9 out of 10 times I just lay on the sofa, reading scripts or browsing IMBD in development section. Then I email my agent, asking him what does he think about it." Rob says it's hard to make new friends in Hollywood.

Um, whatever Rob. There's loads of photographic evidence to the contrary. Seems like you have no problem making new friends of the female variety. But if you say so!

When I got to the U.S. for Twilight, I only knew people who gave me a ride since I couldn’t drive. They’re my oldest friends. Fame is a fight to survive! Some people can’t take it and freak out, but I can understand that. With paps hiding everywhere, it’s really difficult to meet new people and have new experiences.

Poor Rob. Fame is a fight to survive -- in his case, I believe it. So how's he managing all these hookups? I mean, he met these ladies somehow ...

I wonder if Rob employs a matchmaker! It's not like he can do Internet dating. "Huge movie star looking for less-famous female for short-term dating and fun times. Must like Arctic Monkeys and vaguely resemble Kristen Stewart. Twilight fans need not apply." So not happening.

But the professional matchmaker, now that would be a fun job. Who wouldn't want to set Rob up with yourself other women? You could get the inside scoop on what he's looking for. Oh wait -- but we're talking about friends friends, not friends-with-benefits. And that sounds like an even harder order to fill than a girlfriend, you know? Wish we could help you out, Rob. If you're looking for a posse, we're a pretty fun bunch here at The Stir. Give us a call!

Do you believe that it's hard for Rob to make new friends?

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loie1971 loie1971

I kind of believe him. did you report he has social anxiety? With all the ambitious hangers on and the like in Hollywood. he probably doesn't have the ability to have close, trusted friends. not to mention paparazzi and "friends" spilling his every breath to gossip writers. I'm with him. hard to find a kindred spirit for sure.

nonmember avatar Laura Raymond

I would want to be friends with Rob Pattinson. He seems like one of the Hottest, outgoing and down to Earth Celebs in my opinion. I can't believe that is even true for a second about him anyway.

Helen Roberts

Not sure about that but he should have stayed friends with Kristen.

Who knows what might happen love you Helen xxxx

Janice Mononen

His agent is female. His manager is male.

Terri J Miller

wait a min...KATY PERRY is a good friend of his and she even outed publicly that she was only friends with KSTEW because of him. when they split up katy went with him!!! I am about over his pity me party!!!

Rachel Garber

Where did you get the idea from this that he has no friends, Rob doesn't have a "lot' of freinds, he said he has the same two friends he has had since he was 12 years old, I think he was commenting on the possilble belief that he has a great rip roaring social life, Rob is a shy quiet person and that has been confirmed by many people who have worked with him, and/or met him. I don't go out on the town all the time I sit home a read scripts. That is it period. He isn't freindless he is a quiet homebody type of guy, despite being a big star.

Cass Allum

I agree its hard to find friends I no friends I been like it this when I was at school I am 25 still no mates so now I class my family as my mates

Tricia Decker-Mapes

as far as a pitty party he dumped her and with good reason but there have been many photos of him out and about with friends so I really dont believe this either!!! If you need down to earth friends Rob who could care less whether your a celeb or not come to NY

nonmember avatar christy miller

no and i dont understand why their mutraul friuends would leave rob hanging and all be kstew friend and not his especially after what shw did with friends like that who neeed emenies oh i will be kstews friend and not poor rpats. i mean wth right and who wouldnt who to be friends with him hes the cool hotty that was with the dumb bitch and she gets more friends and get over kstew rpat she will never be true and is propbaly sleep with lots of older men to get what she wants right now eww you know she thinks she deseveres better than you but its acuallyy the other way around

Simča Michalíková

Christy Miller - You need help, you're normal, you have to write a lie, not to write about myself here by accident, if you know kristen kissed him, and not sleeping, you're crazy aye,

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