'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Reunion Part 2 Recap: Teresa Was SO Close to Changing People's Minds About Her

teresa giudicePart two of The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion started off as big a snooze-fest as last week (hooo daddy was that boring!), but at around 45 minutes in, shit got real. Andy started grilling Teresa and Joe Giudice about the fraud charges they're facing, and instead of dodging the questions and giving canned "It's in God's hands"-like answers, Teresa actually admitted that she's scared. And although Joe didn't say boo during the segment, it was more than obvious from his furrowed brow and inability to avert his gaze from the floor that he's damn scared, too.

Since the Giudices' 39 counts of fraud charges were made public, I've gone back and forth between feeling bad for them and feeling like it's about damn time since clearly Tre and Joe think they're above the law. Sunday was a time for the former feelings. For the first time, Teresa actually seemed human. For a short while.

She admitted to feeling anxious about the unknown. She admitted to crying herself to sleep at night. She admitted that the reason she puts on a happy face is because she's the only person in her family who's holding it together. (She also said she doesn't know why this is happening to them, and she kind of lost me there.) It was almost uncomfortable to watch. It's so easy to make snarky comments about Teresa and Joe when they're acting like clueless buffoons on RHONJ, but when they actually display a shred of humility -- okay, maybe humility is the wrong word -- when they actually seem frightened about what could be, you remember that they're parents; they've gotta be terrified of leaving their children behind every waking moment.

It seemed like Teresa really turned a corner this season. She wasn't lashing out at everyone at the drop of a dime; she apologized to people; she even seemed to have a better understanding of the English language. And the reunion was no exception. Sure, she and Melissa had their grating tit for tat throughout both shows, but Teresa seemed, I don't know, a bit softer. Like maybe she had truly evolved over the past year.

But then the last two minutes of the show happened.

When Andy asked if anyone had any parting words, Teresa took the opportunity to bash Caroline for calling her superficial months ago. Caroline explained her reasoning behind the comment, and well, let's be honest here, Teresa is superficial, but Teresa couldn't help but harp on it. And not only did she completely belabor her pseudo-sentiment that she was hurt, she also decided to throw in how every time Caroline says something, Melissa and Kathy feel the need to "hop on the bandwagon" and bully her, too. An entire season undone in all of 30 seconds.

And with that, all those warm and empathetic feelings toward Teresa vanished. She really just doesn't get it. And I'm not quite sure if anything -- save for jail? -- will change that.

Do you think Teresa should go to jail?


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justj123 justj123

Yes go to jail and stay in jail and her kids all should go to foster homes and be raised by DECENT PEOPLE  who know to WORK for a living and NOT SPEND MONEY and LIVE BEYOND THEIR MEANS. Everyone kept telling you KARMA bites you in the ASS Teresa....But you would not listen, well maybe when you are sitting in jail MAYBE THEN YOU WILL HAVE TIME OH YEA THEN YOU WILL HAVE TIME TO LISTEN?!?!??!?!?! Stupid Bitch!

nonmember avatar MomOfCoy

Ummmmm, tell us how you really feel.

nonmember avatar Katie

Their blogs regarding the Arizona retreat had been written two days before the reunion was filmed. Plus, don't forget that Caroline went off on Theresa for saying that she and al were fighting in the blog. a)Theresa apologized b)other cast members had told Theresa that al and Caroline were fighting but she didn't want to call them out c) she admitted on a different question from Andy that she and al constantly fight.

I swear, if Caroline is someone who is only happy when she has someone to be unhappy with.

nonmember avatar DRLA

Isn't it interesting that Andy didn't offer a toast at the end of the show?

nonmember avatar LadyDi

Caroline always thinks and acts as if she is the moral compass of this group. Tonight she was called on the fact that her sons say, "Fat girls are for blow jobs." She defended her two jerks by saying, "That's something they always said in high school." Nice way to mother, Saint Caroline. Nice way to raise gentlemen who respect women.

Susan Logan

with all that is going on they should send all of the cast home.  start a new set of housewifes of nj.  if teresa goes to jail and caroline leaves the rest are boring.


nonmember avatar Sam

Of course she should go to jail-any other person in her situation would! Not only did she commit this fraud, but she did so on tv! She and her husband knew exactly what they were doing and they flaunted it. The fact hat they are still living in that house and still featured on the show amazes me.

Susan Goldman Schwartz

Teresa wouldn't know the truth if it hit her in the face.  The only  people I feel badly for is the children.  She has already started them off with disrespectful mouths and way too mature beyond their age.

Since she is not very intelligent she just doesn't get it.  The worse part was when Melissa was asked if she and her husband would take the girls.  The silence was deafening.  I do feel sorry for Teresa and Joe because they weren't smart enough to stay away from unlawful actions.  However, they knew it was all illegal and thought they were above the law.   If they get away from all this, I hope they learn their lesson.  Also, why isn't Joe a citizen?  If he is deported, maybe they will all move to Italy but that too would be a shame.


Stephanie Meyer Andreoni

i don't think they should go to jail but if they are convicted they should be fined heavily. They have 4 girls that would suffer so, it just isn't worth it.

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