'Teen Mom 3' Recap: Josh Might Not Be Who Mackenzie Thinks He Is

Mackenzie Douthit McKeeThe deeper we get into the first season of Teen Mom 3, the harder it is to believe that Mackenzie Doutit and Josh McKee ended up getting married. And after what Josh did on tonight's episode, it's downright impossible to see how the two ended up together in real time.

Josh lied to Mackenzie. Flat out! To her face!


He's been avoiding her calls and claiming that he can't spend time with her because he's busy riding broncos and practicing for rodeos, but when Mackenzie's mom Angie calls Josh's trainer to schedule a time to swing by his practice, she finds out Josh isn't even training anymore. And he hasn't been for weeks!

When Angie and Mackenzie confront Josh, he continues to claim he's been busy practicing! Later he tells his friends he's mad that she went to his trainer and admits he gets so angry with her that he ignores her calls.

The guy acts like a bigger baby than Gannon!

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If he has a problem with Mackenzie, he owes it to her to TELL her instead of making up lies and avoiding her calls. She's the mother of his child, and she deserves to know who this guy is that she's supposedly dating ... and what he's up to.

It was good to see him finally show a little emotion with his guy friends when he started talking about Mackenzie; he's usually so stoic. But he needs to have that same openness with his girlfriend if these two are ever going to make things work. He can't be one person with his friends and another person entirely with her.

Josh wasn't the only boyfriend acting like a jerk tonight. After taking Katie to Salt Lake City for her birthday and even trying on a tux while she tried on wedding dresses, Joey blows up at her during another conversation about her going to college and tells her to "get the f--k out of my life." Sadly, Katie doesn't seem to realize that SHE too deserves better. She told her mom tonight that no one will want her because she's fat and has stretch marks and a kid.

At least Briana has a little more self-esteem these days. She's considering getting back on the dating scene, although she's afraid of getting pregnant again. She convinces sister Brittany to go to the doctor to get on birth control together only for Brittany to chicken out at the thought of getting a pap smear. It seemed odd for a 20-year-old woman to freak out over a pap smear, until Brittany admitted that the last time she laid down and opened her legs for anyone, it was for her abortion ... and even a year later, she's still haunted by the experience.

Alex is also gaining back a little self-esteem. She appeared in her first dance competition since giving birth, and the team took home second place. But the stress of juggling so many important things is obviously weighing on her. She flips out when she can't find the dance team's costumes and spends several days not talking to her mom. Mom and daughter patched things up, and thank goodness -- Alex clearly depends on her mom.

Was Mackenzie's mom wrong to call and check up on Josh? Or is Josh the one who's wrong here?


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