Brandi Glanville Finds a 'Real' Friend (And It's Not Lisa Vanderpump)

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Brandi GlanvilleReal Housewives fans, get your scorecards out. There's a new team to root for. The Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump feud still seems to be going full force, and just this week Brandi and Leann Rimes started up their battle royale all over again. So who is Brandi not on the outs with at the moment? Former frenemy Kim Richards!

In faaaaaact, the two Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars are getting on so well these days that when Kim needed a sober pal to celebrate the big 49, guess who took her out for a night on the town sans alcohol? You got it!

Brandi and Kim were just spotted out and about, and sticking to soda at an upscale steakhouse. Considering these two ladies have been at each others throats in the past, Brandi may not be the obvious choice for a booze-free birthday bash, but hey, a friend in need is a friend indeed, right?

And Brandi has enough enemies at the moment ... she doesn't need anymore.

What do you think of this alliance? Do Kim and Brandi have BFF written all over them?


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nonmember avatar sharoncharpillo

train wreck waiting to happen.

nonmember avatar Carol

What a pack of lies! I want my 15 seconds back. What twitter war did Brandi participate in? Leann lives on twitter and taunts Brandi on a daily basis but BG very rarely says anything directed at leann. Brandi has moved on, Leann needs to do the same.

tuscani tuscani

They are all making money from these so-called feuds..And, Brandi...You looked a whole heeluva lot better before you started messing with the palstic surgery. Don't even recognize you now.

Val Loving

im glad lisa vanderpump got screwed over by brandi .. .with her holier than thou attitude how she took brandis side over everything ... did she not learn anything from the cedric fiasco??  guess not but maybe she will learn after the brandi fiasco .... lose the "better than thou" attitude and maybe then you will get a REAL friend lisa 


nonmember avatar Linda

So tired of Brandi-was so fond of her last year but to find out that she has turned on somone who stood by her all last year is too much. She doesn't deserve friends as she is not a good one to have on your side. It is interesting how the dynamics change from season to season

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