Miley Cyrus Comes Clean About Liam Hemsworth (VIDEO)

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Miley CyrusAttention! If you've been thinking Miley Cyrus' buck nekkid on a wrecking ball, foam finger humping, tongue out antics of late have just been her way of acting out over her broken engagement, think again. Turns out Miley doesn't even THINK about Liam Hemsworth, y'all!

The singer showed up on Ellen yesterday -- clothes on, thank goodness -- and finally broke her silence on her break-up. And she's got a message for everyone out there who's all caught up in the "OMG, is Miley OK" madness.

Said Miley to Ellen:

I think people spend more time actually thinking about it then I really do. I just believe when a chapter is done you have to close it and start that new one. That's kind of where I am right now. I felt like I have so much to be thankful for at this time that my energy hasn't really been focused on that.

Got that? Girlfriend has moved on!

Just watch:

Alright, are you buying it?

Image via The Ellen Show/YouTube

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youth... youthfulsoul

That's pretty sad to move on so quickly from someone you were engaged too. 

Heath... HeatherMazzone

Well Liam had no problem moving on, publicly kissing some girl the day after they announced their break up so why shouldn't she move on quickly? Plus it seemed like their relationship was crap for a long time I'm not surprised she's over it.

nonmember avatar me

I think they were over way before the public knew, so she (and he) has had time to get over it privately. Its not healthy to hang on forever to your ex or what could have been and everyone goes thru breakup differently, but tjis was her first real boyfriend, one she greu to adulthood with. I dont buy that she just said ok, thats done with, next. And I do think her latest antics are part of her healing process but like I said, shes propably had months to deal with it before we all knew about it

Grann... GrannyCarrin

That ridiculous person has NO morals. I shudder to think of the young children she is influencing. She is simply trash.

Knitt... KnittyTina

I just watched the Wrecking Ball video to see what all the hoopla was about, and I can't believe this video was made.  It was porn.  She was naked and humping the chain on that ball and licking a sledgehammer.  I'm no prude, but that video was way worse than Madonna's Justify My Love video and that video was banned!  LOL. 

She has such a great singing voice that it's a shame she can't do better than these cheap antics.  She's going to become a has-been because she's going to push things too far with her public and no one of quality is going to want to work with her. 

johnn... johnnys_mom6605

Personally, I think they broke up over the video. They were already on the rocks. I can't just imagine the conversation...

Miley: hey Liam I think I'm gonna get buck nekkid, ride a wrecking ball and even lick some sledge hammers for this video. I'll start in my underwear and slowly lose them.

Liam: if you do, then that's IT. I'm done!

Miley: (giggles) yeah right.


nonmember avatar linda

I find it completely ridiculous that people insult her. she's grown up and can do as she so pleases and is that annoys you, then just don't watch her. its not like anyone is forcing you to. and for the record if you really think about it,she ended up like this because of all the crap that went on in her life. so u all have no right to judge her. being a child star and staying famous afterwards is a true feat. shes pretty,talented and an amazing person. just cuz she doesn't live up to your stupid standards doesn't mean she's as bad as people make her out to be. I think its clear that she is acting,she hasn't moved on from liam after they broke up. but what can she say to the media, "I still love him after he dumped me, and made out with other girls." no of course she can't cuz b=nobody would understand her. So quit being so judgemental of someone you don't even know personally.

nonmember avatar Syd

Here's the reason that Miley is judged so harshly. She is putting a huge amount of time and energy into making sure that everyone knows she is all grown up and just too wild. All of her music, interviews and social media updates focus on drug usage and partying. She goes for straight shock value by being so sexually explicit that it borders on pornographic. And many people relate that to other celebrities that have similar antics such as Madonna or Rihanna. There is an important distinction here. Neither Madonna or Rihanna got their foot in the door on the Disney channel. They did not make millions on a TV show that was aimed at children, namely young girls. They never tried nor claimed to be a roll model for children. Miley had no problem making a name for herself with Hannah Montana. And now, she gives her former career and former fans the middle finger, drops her clothes, and lights up. Unacceptable.

nonmember avatar J

I really hate when people say non-constructive mean things online just because it isn't to someone's face. That said, I feel like no one wants to be the 'dumpee' so even if she WAS still hurting, she'd definitely want to come across as strong and over the whole situation. Let her mourn in private if she wants. I also feel that she is deep down hurting. Anyone that puts themselves out there SO much and trys SO hard has something deeper going on. She's trying just way to hard to create an image and go for the 'wow' factor. I hope she gets some strong and healthy support soon. She does have some talent and honestly she's selling herself short just to be talked about.

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