Lea Michele Rebound Rumors Couldn't Come at a Better Time

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Lea MicheleGlee fans are still collecting the crumpled tissues from Thursday night's emotional Cory Monteith tribute, but it seems his girlfriend and co-star Lea Michele might have finally found a way to move on from his tragic death. Rumor has it Lea is on the rebound!

She even has her eye on a "cute guy." Folks! Could it be?

There's no name attached to the aforementioned guy -- this was simply an "insider" claiming that the Glee star "was excited [the cute guy] was coming" to a party.

Not a lot to go on, y'all. They're not even saying she's dating, just NOTICING guys again.

So it could be true or it could be someone just angling for some money out of a magazine. You decide where you want to be, but I'm decidely Team I Hope It's True.

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Am I sad Cory is gone? YES. We all are!

But Lea Michele is a 27-year-old woman with her whole life ahead of her. Her boyfriend died, tragically, back in July, but she didn't. Lea has the right to move on at some point, the right to find some happiness. Even if she's not dating right now, one day she will be, and Glee fans should be happy for her.

Watching her grieve so publicly in the Farewell to Finn episode was heartwrenching and so real, but she can't grieve forever.

Are you happy for Lea or do you think it's too soon?


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nonmember avatar Golado

Oh dear God! Yeah like when they said "Mystery man leaving Lea MIcheles house." It was J.Groff, her BF and openly gay. Or when they said they saw Lea Michele kissing other gay and spending the weekend with him and it was... gues who?? J. Groff. ( They were not kissing)... Or when they said Lea Michele and Cory are in a PR relationship... And after all that they have the courage to say: She's milking it.

Those tears were real tears, that was Lea, not Rachel.

Cory was something speacial.. Never watched Glee before his death, just read the news and until today not a day passed that I didn't think about him. He was a good soul, he still is. We just can't see him .. yet. RIP.

sweet... sweetaspie630

IF it's true... She must not have cared about him THAT much.

sweet... sweetaspie630

IF it's true... She must not have cared about him THAT much.

nonmember avatar JackyBlacky

In regards to sweetaspie630...

I'm not saying she doesn't care but really...

Why should she when he obviously didn't care all that much abt her. If he cared he wouldn't have continued to get high and do drugs.

Tina Goff

I don't think 'rebound' is an appropriate word to use.  Rebound implies that she was dumped by a boyfriend.  How about 'Trying to move on with her life' or 'Trying to live again' rather than rebound...  Cory didn't dump her, he died.  Her boyfriend/maybe-fiance DIED, and you are writing rebound like it's some kind of scandal and she's Taylor Swifting someone and jumping from guy to guy.

Pete Lloyd

Oh gee another  "source".   Saying you think someone is cute doesn't mean you are ready to date them or jump in bed with them. 

Barbara Palaith-Newson

Baseless article..She is free to live her life as she chooses and no one should judge her either way. 

nonmember avatar Bookworm

I will agree, she has the right to move on but 2-3 months is a little quick imo, especially if you were so serious that you were almost engaged.

nonmember avatar victoria

Honestly..... the tribute wasn't enough. She clearly is still heartbroken. That wasn't just Rachel Berry singing about her high school sweetheart. It was Lea singing a final goodbye to her one love. She will never be the same. But if she's ready to get back out there or notice other guys then it is her time. It's her time. She will move on in her own damn way now let her be! She will never not love him, and gleeks should let her move on! When she finds happiness I will fully support her. I love you Lea, and you too Cory. Rest in peace.

BookW... BookWormMommyB

Okay okay okay. Just stop it. If you had actually read the article that had the official death report come out you would KNOW that he didn't really "continue to get high and do drugs." He was clean. He got help. He made a mistake that cost him his life. The reason why he died was because he built up such a low tolerance of the drug because he'd been clean so long. He was a recovering addict. I don't think she's rebounding at all. It's been very, publically, clear that she loved Cory very much and was ready to spend the rest of her life with him. I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't see her with someone for awhile. This is the internet, you can't always believe everything you read. However, if you are going to read and comment, be sure that you've read everything and have your facts straight. 

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