Madonna Brilliantly Defends Her Tacky Texting Move

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madonnaI don't know about you, but I have a hard time confronting rude people in public. Someone decides that sneezing on the back of my head with an uncovered hand is something they must do? I grit my teeth in silence. Someone talks during a movie? I do a strategic "half turn" in my seat at the most. I am tragically non-confrontational.

So I kind of admire whoever thought it was a good idea to confront Madonna for texting during a recent screening of the new film by Steve McQueen, 12 Years a Slave. However, this person was clearly insane. Because, uh, they decided it was a good and reasonable thing to confront Madonna? Clearly they have been quietly living under a rock for many, many years. 

Because Madonna is not someone who is going to tolerate a talking-to -- no matter how well deserved it might be! If a person is also a brand, maybe leave the etiquette lesson for another day. I'm not saying Madonna was right to text up a storm during the flick, I'm saying I think it's naive to think that scolding her in public is going to have the desired effect. I'm not wrong. Exhibit what happened next.

Rather than just ignore her teacher in the school of manners, Madonna archly replied, "It's for business ... enslaver." If I told you I did not snort-laugh aloud at that remark, I would be lying. Is it culturally insensitive of her to compare her fellow-audience member's request to slavery? Totally. Is it also kind of the reason I still love Madonna? Very much so. She does not give a hoot what you might think of her. She's arch and smart, and if she wants to be rude during a movie -- power to her.

Do you think Madonna was out of line?


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Kate Cooley

Kind of, but in the same way anyone who does that is out of line. I'm sure EVERYONE has a perfectly logical reason why they need to be plugged into their beast 24/7. But that doesn't make it any less rude.


nonmember avatar April

She was out of line and rude. If it's for business, get your ass out of your seat and into the lobby. Being famous doesn't mean you get to be an ass

ktobin2 ktobin2

What a bitch.

nonmember avatar ar468

Sad that a stir writer would applaud poor behavior- from anyone! Maybe you can select better people to idolize...or better yet stop idolizing.

nonmember avatar Susan depee

This old lady needs to remember where she comes from and quit acting like she is something special. Honestly, she has all the manners of a billy goat

Jaghd810 Jaghd810

Why was this person insane?  I can't read beyond that stupidity  

nonmember avatar jedcdavis

This was reported by page 6 of the New York Post. I doubt it is actually true.

nonmember avatar mannie

So Madonna is in a theater and she's texting like a maniac and when asked to stop she goes all rude and defensive about it.
What a wonderful little story but like in all these cases about celebrities's stories how would the press know about such a little event?
I get it the person who supposedly told Madonna off must have spilled the beans....
I too was there at the cinema and Madonna was eating pop corn and making out with her boyfriend, making all sorts of noise and she even asked me if i would refrain myself from watching the film but looking at her instead. Of course i said no but she went all rude and she started to throw pop corn at me for the entire duration of the film..
Wow that's a better story actually!

kisse... kisses5050

I call bull...One not more power to her... what are you twelve? 

Two the story just doesnt ring true

nonmember avatar truthy

The person/audience member who tapped Madonna in jest was a friend. Madonna responded in jest. This is sensationalism.

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