Robin Thicke Considers Himself Miley Cyrus's Twerking Victim

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robin thickeIf you thought you'd heard the last of the great Miley Cyrus Robin Thicke Twerk Debacle of 2013, I'm sad to report that you were wrong. While Miley's maintaining her whacked out momentum appearing hither and yon to promote her new album (also her tongue), Robin can't seem to get past the VMAs. To be fair, if we'd been dressed like Beetlejuice and no one had asked for our tailor's number, we might still be talking about it too. 

Robin's general take on the whole evening doesn't seem to have changed much. He's maintained from go that the world is making too much of a big deal out of the whole routine. I kind of agree. In fact, I think twerking as a term should become synonymous with beating a dead horse. Still, he made an unfortunate flub when he spoke with Oprah Winfrey about the event. 

Robin could barely make eye contact with the talk show queen. He squirmed in his seat and said he'd been "too busy" singing to notice what was happening ... to his penis? Look, let's be real -- there's getting into a song while you're singing, and there's having a medical episode. If he didn't know what was happening, he should probably seek the attention of a doctor. Plus, this wasn't a spontaneous event. This was a rehearsed awards show. Dude is not an idiot. He knew.

So fine, he wants to play coy and say that Miley surprised him. That's shady and lame, but whatever -- his prerogative. Then he made a rookie mistake in his interview. He implied that he was Miley's victim. Uh, things that are a terrible idea: Claiming you are victim when you are not a victim TO OPRAH WINFREY. It's one thing to admit you messed up and you didn't think the routine was a big deal. It's another entirely to blame your collaborator who happens to be a young woman. Gross, Thicke. Just gross.

Do you think it was lame of Robin Thicke to put the blame on Miley?


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Todd Vrancic

Robin Thicke needs to man up and admit that this was a rehearsed act and it went exactly as they planned.

nonmember avatar J

Yes, it was a rehearsed show, but just how rehearsed none of us know. I'm sure he knew what Miley was going to do, but did she really bang a foam finger in rehearsal. Part of me thinks she was acting on the fly, trying to be as out there as possible and shock as many people as possible. Could he have known everything, possibly. Could she have surprised him with some of her dance, possibly. We don't really know.

Jennifer Chasen

Bull-SH*T! There's pic's & videos of them in NY coming & going from rehearsals TOGETHER - was he blindfolded? One of the little people who was part of the cast for the performance said that Miley and Robin's parts were "highly rehearsed" including keeping track of where and how many times Miley stuck her tongue out. After the "performance" (one ring circus) they were high-fiving each other and he kept saying "I told you we'd make history, that's what we're doing." He even claimed that he signed Miley for one of his upcoming videos. After the media machine started working the next day, he says it was funny/silly. Then Gloria Loring (Robin's mommy) said that "you can't un-see it" and that was probably when he never wanted reminded about it again. Now I could care less about either of them. I would be the LAST person to defend Miley. Robin's behavior is the tip of the iceberg of what she's going to get as long as she keeps acting & dressing the way she does now. I'm not anti-feminism, I'm pro-reality and by acting the way she does with partaking in drug & drink (underage), she's screwing up. She can't twerk, needs to PUT HER TONGUE IN HER MOUTH, and fire her stylist if such a person exists (oh yeah autotune & lip-synch-stop). Robin's a total douche bag in a Beetlejuice suit. These two are utterly clueless, and likely hopeless!

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