Alexander Skarsgard Runs Around in His Underpants in Best Music Video of All Time (VIDEO)

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alexander skarsgardYou know what I've never understood about people who get caught up in crazy cults? The person they drop everything in their lives to follow is usually incredibly creepy. What's the appeal?? Sure, I get that there's usually brainwashing and sometimes drug-laced beverages involved, but still. Now, if someone like, say, Alexander Skarsgard happened to be leading a cult, that would be a hot Swedish horse of a different color. 

Which is why it made perfect sense for Australian band Cut Copy to cast Skarsgard as a Messiah-type figure in the video for their new single, "Free Your Mind." Skarsgard's cult leader is not your typical skeevy wild-eyed psycho -- oh, no. Sexy wild-haired psycho is more like it.

I can't quite tell what the Cult of Skarsgard is supposed to be all about, though being a member seems to require having electrodes attached to your head, beards and sex. But who the hell cares?? Skarsgard spends most of the video strutting around in extremely low-hanging pajama pants; when he's not doing that, he's either playing duck-duck-goose on people's heads, kissing chicks, peeing or running around in his underpants. So basically what I'm saying here is, you can't lose. See for yourself:


Boy, that one bearded dude got dissed, right? One second he's gettin' it on with that girl ... then Alexander Skarsgard walks by ... and she's all, Yeah, that was real nice but I should be going now. And Alexander Skarsgard is all, I will kiss you but then I must run around in my undperpants.

Best video ever?

Would you join the Cult of Alexander Skarsgard?

Image via Modular People/YouTube

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Melody Hodges

Video is weird but I could look at Alex all day... 


nonmember avatar CultofSkars

Best. Video. Ever. Have bongos, blue track pants and I can play a mean game of shadow basketball. I'm ready to join. I'll be waiting in the pool.

lulou lulou

I did way back in the zoolander gas station scene.

Shelly Kay Rowland

That is the dumbest video I've ever seen and people are gonna continue to watch it just because it has Alkexander Sarsard in it. Not me! I'll just watch True Blood reruns if I need my "Eric" fix!

Kathi Peterson

Oh yeah! You betcha!!!! Sign me right the f up! :)

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