Catherine & Sean's Engagement Party Was Missing One Major Thing

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Catherine Giudici and Sean LoweI've been going back and forth on this for months now, the whole Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe relationship. One second they're totally happy together and the next Catherine's doing some outlandish thing to get random attention from both her Instagram followers and the press, making us wonder if their love is, well, real at all. Over the weekend they gave us their answer that, yes, their love is pure. That answer? An engagement party.

Yup! This past Friday the twosome gathered with family and friends in Seattle to celebrate their engagement, and the details are too cute. Check out everything we know about Sean and Catherine's engagement party, here:

1. The venue: Catherine and Sean gathered with about 40 guests at Ballard Annex Oyster House in Seattle. The couple rented out the backroom so they could have some privacy.

2. The menu: Who doesn't love a good barbecue-themed dinner with friends, right? Guests dined on pork, four-cheese macaroni, brisket, garlic mashed potatoes, baked beans, and collard greens. Yup, I'm salivating. Oh, and you can't forget the seafood additions to the main meal: crab cakes, mussels, and white fish.

4. The sweet treats: Of course, no engagement soiree is complete without dessert. The couple indulged in an adorable cupcake tower and a champagne toast.

5. They were happy: Or at least it appears that way on Instagram. Catherine shared a photo of her and Sean at the engagement party and they look oh-so-happy.

6. Still no "save-the-dates": Although everything looks all happy and floral, we're still waiting for a public acknowledgement of when the big day will be. I get it, it's their lives, but now that they've had an engagement party, I'm sure I'm not the only person asking when the hell they're gonna tie the knot. If you ask me, this was the only thing missing from their festive party. Well that, and me.

Are you excited for Catherine and Sean?


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Lynn Rose

yes i am excited for them

Maria Rueddy


      Well,,,that is a step in the right direction,,,and just maybe,,,they are not telling their date because of ALL of YOU NOSEY MEDIA JERKS!!!   they really do not need you to interfere in their life and give a play- by- play of everything they do!!!  Why don't you just leave them the hell alone and let them live their life!!!

Dania Elisse

all these women who blog for this website are SO childish! how the hell she's looking for attention from people? last time i checked shes aloud to post whatever the heck she wants and how do you know one minute shes happy the next shes not? maybe y'all should stop stalking them!Ashley and JP didn't announce their wedding date either ABC did! please leave them alone!

Mary Ann Marrazzo

I think Sean and Catherine are Adorable Together! People should just LEAVE THEM ALONE, and when they set their Wedding Date, I am sure that they will ANNOUNCE IT! People just have to learn to mind their OWN BUSINESS and let Sean and Catherine be!

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