LeAnn Rimes Rekindles Twitter War With Brandi Glanville Out of Nowhere

leann rimesAfter a few months of peace and quiet on the Brandi Glanville/LeAnn Rimes Twitter front, a tiff has once again emerged. The instigator? Why, 'tis LeAnn! It seemed like these two women were getting along so great tolerating one another for a while now. What happened?!

Apparently, one of LeAnn's friends tweeted how she thought it was funny that Joyce Giraud tells Brandi that she needs to go to rehab in the RHOBH preview. And LeAnn, not being able to help herself, retweeted the message, along with her own little touch: "Sorry, can’t deny the truth."

Always keepin' it classy that Rimes. I mean, why randomly start an argument on Twitter for no good reason at all? And LeAnn, weren't you the one who went to rehab already?

Brandi responded to LeAnn's comment by humbly writing: "I overindulge on wine on occasion and have made my mistakes. I am a great mom, friend, and daughter. I need rehab? Or duz someone need attention?" Then, when Brandi's friend jumped in and defended her, indirectly calling LeAnn "lame," LeAnn responded with: "I'm sorry, but if you are an adult and are still using the word lame you might just be referring to yourself. #needtofindanewwordstat" Note: A person on Twitter pointed out that LeAnn once tweeted about how much she loved the word "lame."

leann rimes

But anyway. Although I think both Brandi and LeAnn are incredibly immature and not-so-secretly love the attention they get from feuding with one another online, this time 'round, LeAnn was out of line. She literally insulted Brandi out of nowhere, sneak attack-style. That's the mother of the stepchildren she loves so very much. I don't think either of the boys would be happy with LeAnn if they got wind of what she did.

Now I guess we just wait to see how Brandi retaliates. Oh, girls. When will you ever grow up?

Do you think LeAnn was out of line here?


Image via LeAnn Rimes/Twitter

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nonmember avatar Bree

Brandi is over it. Leann is losing it.

nonmember avatar Bernice

Leann, life is like a bridge, get one, then get over it!

Michelle Sherman

Leann you are and will always be sloppy seconds trying to ride Brandi's coat tails. You're pathetic.

Barbara Harris Osman

Leeane is very Lame and she is the one that needs to grow up1 To think I loved her a long time ago and now she sucks!

Jean Grant


Faith Von Hexx

I think that Leann needs to and get a life of her own. Seriously, she should stop this garbage and move on. She should get divorced, get her head right and stop feeding off of this toxic crap her 'husband' is dishing out. Eddie is to blame for all of this crap.

nonmember avatar jomama

I cant wait 'til Leann finds out that her hubby is cheating on her with the next desperate ho. Seriously, she will deserve it big time !!! Who steals a man from his family?Leanne was wrong from the start so everything she does that follows is WRONG. LAMEANNE

Patti Santon

Yes she just needs to move on she got the guy!!!



nonmember avatar Guest

You have mixed up two events. Bad gossip reporting. LeAnn's assistant tweeted the promo comment and LeAnn then retweeted it and said the truth comment. A total setup to do that. How mature. But That was weeks ago. Brandi didn't respond. Now the cast mate says yesterday Brandi needs rehab. That's when Brandi gives the comment you posted. Brandi's friend essentially calls that woman lame defending Brandi. And LeAnn obviously reading Brandi's twitter feed (which she always denies she does) makes a comment about people that use the word lame, making a dig at Brandi's friend. Is LeAnn in middle school?

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