Julianne Hough & Mark Ballas Have Put 'Feud' Behind Them -- Why Can't Everyone Else?

Julianne HoughTo say that Julianne Hough was absolutely stunning as a guest judge on Dancing With the Stars this week is the understatement of the century. Back in her element, the former pro looked gorgeous on the other side of the table. But good looks did not keep her out of hot water, as she stirred up a bit of controversy critiquing Mark Ballas and his partner Christina Milian.

Mentioning her past dances with Mark, she told Christina that she "[has] to stand in front to make sure she's seen" when judging their performance. Allegedly, Mark was furious with Julianne and called her comment "hypocritical" on the post-show red carpet.

Well now she's speaking out about the whole thing. Apparently Julianne didn't mean to diss anybody. She also said that the point of her being on the panel was about "constructive criticism so that they [the dancers] can get better for next week," and her comments were made with love.

Okay, so we're good right? Now I think it's time to put all of this in the past.


I honestly think that the reason that this all got so blown out of proportion is because people wanted there to be a problem between the two Dancing with the Stars movers and shakers. I mean, the point of being a judge is to provide criticism (as Julianne said). The dancers and stars, they're used to getting feedback. It was as if the second the press thought they could make something out of Julianne's comments, it was making headlines everywhere.

Besides, I don't think that what Julianne mentioned about Mark's dancing was offensive at all. In fact, she was essentially saying that he's SUCH a good dancer that it's hard to be his partner and stand out equally.

My suggestion? Mark and Christina need to take Julianne's advice for what it's worth. We'll see how much of an impact her words have next week when they take to the dance floor.

Do you think we can all move on from this drama now?


Image via John Shearer/Corbis

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