'Teen Mom' Star's Husband Leaves Her to Be a Single Mom Again

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Leah Messer Calvert Jeremy CalvertThe bad news just keeps on coming for Leah Calvert, doesn't it? The Teen Mom 2 star got some potentially devastating news about daughter Ali just about a month ago. She and Jeremy were even forced to sell their house. And now this!

Jeremy is gone! Leah's husband -- and father of little Adalynn -- has left her to single mom it.

The good news is, this is just temporary. This is not a second divorce for Leah. Jeremy promised it won't be forever. As he said on Twitter:


Pheww! We couldn't take more heartache for this mama! She's had her fair share! Unfortunately, that doesn't make the distance any easier.

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Jeremy makes his living as a pipeliner, a job that often requires being away for weeks or months at a time. With Leah's admission that she quit her tanning salon job over the summer, they need Jeremy's paycheck. It can't exactly be easy for her to single mom it with an infant, a toddler, plus a second toddler with serious health issues to have to do it all on her own -- even if ex-husband Corey Simms does pitch in on his days with the twins.

It's too bad Jeremy can't find something closer to home, if only to give his wife a break. The strain of being a single mom is showing on poor Leah these days -- she's spent a lot of time putting up tweets bemoaning Jeremy's absence, like this one:


Fortunately she has a lot of support from her Teen Mom 2 co-stars, among them Kailyn Lowry and Chelsea Houska's dad Randy, who continue to remind her that her relationship with Jeremy is a strong one, and that they will get through it.

And with the fifth season of Teen Mom 2 expected eventually on MTV, this could make for some seriously compelling television. A single mom of three kids, holding down the fort? If she can do it, Leah could inspire a lot of people.

What do you think of the plight this couple is going through? Do you want to see it on TV?


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Tendr... TendrelovinMaMa

The title is very misleading. He didn't leave her! He is being a responsible adult and supporting his family. They will get thru it.

First... FirstTimeMama21

She isn't a single mom. She has a responsible husband who is working hard to pay the bills. She is a SAHM! Stop twisting the truth to get people to view your articles.

dirty... dirtymoon

Seriously, not every tweet a "Teen Mom" sends out is news. Especially since we all know how often her husband is out of town.

nonmember avatar Stephanie

I honestly believe he would have left already had he had to actually deal with her crap 24/7. She should be thankful he gets that break from her. Not that he is a great catch if she is his taste but ...

nonmember avatar Ijs

The title was misleading. No disrespect intended but why is this an issue? Military wives do this for years at a time & no one "wonders" or "worries" that it can be done. It just is! There are Wives way younger than her, with way less to work with getting it done.

Heath... HeatherMazzone

Poor Leah left with her husbands $100,000 a year paycheck, how will she ever get through? Please stop with the misleading titles, they're annoying.

Prett... PrettyGirlMyers

She's not a SINGLE MOTHER!!! Please stop referring to her as one just because she's on her own with her kids for bit.

Brandy Foy

Not even close to being a single mom, or I would be one

nonmember avatar kate

she oughta try being a sahm while her husband is overseas.....

Jeanne Bekah Mayhle

she isnt the only mom what about army wives when our husbands get deployed and were alone to deal with the kids, finances, medical issues, etc.. 

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