Robert Pattinson Has Started a Weird Beauty Ritual to Impress His New Lady

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robert pattinsonOf all the crazy Robert Pattinson rumors we've heard over the years, this one just may take the cake. According to a source, the normally pasty (in a good way) RPattz has resorted to spray-tanning to impress the ladies since his split with Kristen Stewart. My guess as to who started the ridiculous rumor? Lindsay Lohan and her Sevin Nyne marketing team.

While I don't, for a single nanosecond, believe this poppycock to be true, let's entertain the notion of Rob getting a spray tan for a bit. Because, well, why not?

Oh, you have something better to do? (Actually, if you don't, I kinda feel bad for you.)

As the story goes, Rob is quite smitten with his rumored girlfriend, Dylan Penn, and he wants to change his look for her -- "determined to bulk up" is how the story goes. (We thought they broke up?) Apparently, Rob wants to go from scrawny, sensitive, Cure fan-esque boy to bulked up, bronzed, Ken doll-esque man. Because, who's with me ladies when I say: Women can't get enough of a dude who they can't touch for an hour while his spray tan dries? So hot.

Not that we've met anywhere outside of the stories I watch during my nighttime slumber, I think I know Rob a little too well to believe he hit up a tanning salon and got spray tanned. Maybe he is going to bulk up a bit, but a spray tan? No.

And if he is, well, I think it just got a hell of a lot easier for Kristen Stewart to get over him. Because bros who spray tan? Not exactly the biggest panty-dropper.

Do you think Rob got a spray tan?


Image via Hubert Boesl/Corbis

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cassi... cassie_kellison

Better than sitting in a tannin booth or outside getting burnt and possible melanoma. I don't think he would do it for a girl, but if a movie wanted him to be tan I have no doubt he would hop in the Mystic tan booth

nonmember avatar Eliana Martin

If the rumors r true, and he is doing for himself, that's ok, but if he's doing it for her sake it's totally wrong. The boy is English! If she wants a California surfer, I'm sure she can find a lot of them, but for him to change his look to please someone else, won't work. In my humble opinion

Rita Curry

 Personally I don't know why anyone would do that, or lay in a bed to have a tan. It's no better than laying in the tanning bed. If, Rob, wants a tan, that's his business, not ours, so let it go, people. I still wish he and Kristen were back together, though, but its their life, not mine, or anyone elses'.

Vivian L. Morrison

I don't think he is doing that. I read that she isn't really wanting to get serious with Pattinson because of the craze of fans he has and he is fine with that ... and I haven't any pictures of them together... he wants to play the field for a bit

Kay Juneau

he dont need one i love him just as he is

nonmember avatar Kmblouin

I don't care if he gets a tan or not. Although I think he would be a great Christian Grey ;)

nonmember avatar VB

He had his abs spray tanned on for Twilight because he couldn't bulk up! Truth!

nonmember avatar Just Saying

If he's tanning my best guest is to prepare for near Herzog movie which is desert setting. For a girl..somehow that just doesn't fit what we know of him. It's something you would have to keep up..don't know but who cares....that man is sexy as hell!!

David Wood


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