'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: The Hunt for Stefan Takes a Shocking, Water-Logged Turn!

caroline forbesLittle Damon Salvatore has had yet another busy, busy day in Mystic Falls. I mean, I guess it's good that he's keeping himself occupied what with Elena Gilbert off solvin' crimes of her own at her college. Besides, I've never looked down my nose at any chance to get Damon and Sheriff Forbes hanging out together. It is my secret belief they are in love. Shhhh, don't ruin my dreams! Sadly their hang-out was not of the sexy-time variety: Damon's on the hunt for his water-logged bro! 

Off "at college" (seriously though, how long can this be sustained, you guys), Elena and Caroline Forbes are trying to figure out who killed the roommate they didn't like very much and why she was spying on them. To solve this murder in a sexy fashion, Caroline and Elena take turns getting, shall we say, buddy-buddy with fellow Whitmore student Jesse. They do this because Elena is all "whaaaat does my dad have to do with all this?" Me like. Me like a lot. 


Elena tries to figure out just what Professor Wes is hiding. If this show has taught me anything, it's to fear all professors. And also adults. I just looked in a mirror and frightened myself. For a variety of reasons. As if Elena weren't having enough fun, Silas shows up and messes with her brain some. Good times had by all. Especially Damon who goes nuts trying to find her and then has to spend most of the episode talking her out of murdering him because Silas told her to. Most excellent. 

Before going after Elena, Damon assigned Matt and Jeremy to Katherine-watching duty. This is never a fun task, but with Silas after the broad, and all manner of creepy things happening to Matt, it was doubly unfun for all involved. In a neat twist for the show, this time it is Matt who is "killed." It's in quotes because of the Gilbert ring. Guess he knows that Bonnie's dead now. Sad trombone. Matt's got a lady living inside him, courtesy of Nadia and her stabby friend. Don't we all? Answer. No, no we do not. Silas is interested in this. Sadly, I am not. What I am interested in is the water-logged safe ... that has the WRONG BODY IN IT. I can't even you guys -- is Ripper Stefan back

Things are definitely kicking into high gear early in the show. I can't lie. It is kind of the greatest. What's up with Matt? Will Damon and Elena make it through the season together? Will Katherine continue to whine about sinus infections? More importantly, WHERE IS STEFAN GUYS?

Did you think Matt was really a goner this week? I totally did.


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