'Glee' Recap: Cory Monteith Tribute Is Perfectly Imperfect

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Cory MonteithThe producers promised to make the tribute to Cory Monteith on Glee one befitting the loss of a life too soon, the loss of a life to addiction. A "Farewell to Finn" was just that. It was a nod to the fleeting nature of life interwoven with hints of the darkness in our nature.

So what is it that killed Finn Hudson? Why was the McKinley glee club saying goodbye to Finn tonight?

We may never know.

We were brought into the story late tonight -- after Finn's funeral. After his death, as the members of the McKinley High family were struggling to put their lives back together.

It wasn't a perfect answer; one can't help but wonder how a seemingly healthy 19-year-old would suddenly just up and die. But the challenge the Glee writers faced was immense.

Finn isn't the only one who died. Cory died. This was not simply writing a character off the way writers have done on countless shows for countless years. They had to move the storyline along without obvious gaps, give fans closure, and remain respectful to Cory's memory, as well as showing some mercy for his close friends on the cast who had to say goodbye.

Sure, there were hints of how Cory, the man behind the character, really died. The show opened with "Seasons of Love," perhaps the most famous song from Rent. Among the characters in the Broadway musical is Mimi, a heroin addict. Later characters sang "Fire and Rain," a re-telling of singer/songwriter James Taylor's infamous battle with the drug.

But in not making the show "about heroin," not putting a specific cause of death out there, Glee managed to keep alive a sentiment Kurt expressed early in tonight's episode: "People want to talk about how he died. I want to talk about how he lived."

"Farewell to Finn" is accompanied by a Remembering Cory website over at Fox (where you can seek help for addiction as well as donate to Cory's pet charities). The two names, intermingled, are a stark reminder that tonight's episode wasn't just about saying goodbye to a beloved character. It was to remember a human being beloved by many -- especially Lea Michele and the other members of the Glee cast.

Like humans who are imperfect, so too was the "Farewell to Finn" episode. And yet, that's what made it just right.

What did you think of the tribute episode? Will you continue to watch Glee without Finn?


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zmont... zmontague

It was a good episode. So sad and heartbreaking. I cried so much my eyes are still puffy and I had a headache from crying.  

Sylvia Stein

I thought it was heartbreaking but very fitting to a beloved actor like Cory Monteith and the beloved character we all fell in love with Finn/ Hudson.   I have nothing but praise to the writers- directors- actors and all the Glee Cast!  

Syl Stein 

Valerie Metzger

I'm so glad they chose to do it this way. I am utterly sick of people saying that his life should not be celebrated because of the way he died. We are not measured by our demons alone. His demons were really really huge, and he paid for them with his life. That doesn't make him a terrible person, and his positive contributions to the world SHOULD be cherished and celebrated.

Movie... Moviebuff

Good maybe we can stop hearing about him now.

nonmember avatar JL

Honestly. That was THE WORST tribute Ive ever seen. 1) I couldnt even get over how Quinn wasnt in it but 2) they ignored an opportunity to address his drug problem. Which is important. Yes I know his life is also important but how he was secretly drugging it up so that says something about him and it's not like it wasnt EASY TO WRITE IN. -_- The only people that made me feel in that episode were Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison. Everyone else I was like "get over yourselves, please" even Lea Michelle. (not the people that played Finns parents) But the Glee people. I.Just. Cant. Would have it been so terrible for them to step mildly out of their self centered world to pay tribute to an honestly troubled man (he was 31 in real life) and reach out to addicts. Im sure there arent many addicts/Glee fans but honestly. To ignore it all together is just ridiculous.

SaphireH SaphireH

I cried hard and a lot through the whole episode, the hardest during Rachel's song. I wasn't ready to say goodbye

nonmember avatar Melissa

I cried so much during tonight's farewell tribute episode, I still can't believe that Finn/Cory is gone. The show did an amazing job paying tribute to Cory's death. I thought it was a sweet and real show and you could clearly see the pain in every single cast member's eyes and their body language all shows that they are all still grieving. I wish them all the best during they hiatus. #RestinpeaceCory

Sammy... SammyMama

Just watched (DVR) and am still puffy-eyed.  I thought it was really well done.  I do wish that they'd flashed back to some Finn scenes, though, especially during 'I'll Stand By You' - I've always loved that original episode.

@Moviebuff, why would you click on this article if you only have smack to talk?  All of the people like you who only have negative, uneducated things to say about him and his life really kill me.  Addiction is a *disease*, complete with genetic predisposition.  Do you also hate on cancer patients, too?

nonmember avatar Cori

This tribute had me bawling from the first second. Cory was a great person, everyone has their demons and he's struggled with his since he was 12 years old. He lost his life because of them and yet people think its okay to bash his memory because of the mistakes he's made? The quarterback was a beautiful and heartbreaking way of celebrating his life. I can't imagine how the cast was feeling while shooting this episode, I'm brokenhearted and I didn't even know him in real life. And poor Lea... I just can't even imagine. RIP Cory Monteith<3

NatAndCo NatAndCo

I cried like an idiot during the scene with Finn's parents. Could not handle that scene.

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