Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev Reunite for One Powerful Reason (PHOTO)

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ian somerhalderIt's no secret that Ian Somerhalder and his ex-girlfriend Nina Dobrev have managed to keep things more than civil since their breakup. If the end of their relationship had been god-awful, it would certainly make working together miserable. We need our Vampire Diaries stars putting on happy faces, m'kay?

If recent events of this week are any indication, things are still amicable between the duo. In fact, they seem to be spending a lot of time together off-set as well as on. Now, with a big change in Ian's life, Nina is once again at his side. Could this mean a reunion is in the works?

When Ian's beloved rescue dog, Nietzsche, went into labor with puppies, Nina was on hand to help the dog and the frantic owner through the process. Ian's animals mean the world to him. He must still feel an intense connection with Nina to ask her to be part of this process.

ian and dog

It was an honor Nina understood. She tweeted later that she the experience was "intensely beautiful + terrifying to watch all at the same time." I know that if I had anything major going on with a pet, I wouldn't be picking up the phone to ask an ex-boyfriend to come hang out with me. These two must still have a crazy-awesome bond to be together during this time.

Do you think a reunion is in the cards for Ian and Nina?


Images via London Entertainment/Blue Sky/Corbis & Instagram

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nonmember avatar CC

"Do you think a reunion is on the cards for Ian and Nina"? Well no, because they are very different individuals on very different paths in life. Nina is also with Derek Hough. These stories show no respect to him or Ian's new friend in Atlanta. I also think it's a dangerous back firing game to constantly deceive fans into thinking there is something more which I think Nina likes to do after receiving hate.

nonmember avatar Donna

I hope so. They are a wonderful couple.

Denise Robinson

it doesnt mean they are getting back together, it is called mature action my friends . i am still best friends with my ex's  no biggy


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