Kourtney Kardashian Was Shocked Kim Kardashian Went to Paris

kim kourtney kardashianIf there's one thing Kourtney Kardashian takes seriously, it's being a mom. So, when her sister Kim left 15-week-old Nori behind to gallivant around Paris during Fashion Week, she was peeved. Well, according to Life & Style, anyway.

Apparently, when Kim took off for Europe, Kourtney was in complete shock. She felt that it was too soon for her to leave her infant behind to go party with Kanye 6,000 miles away. And while I certainly wouldn't do that with my kid ... ya kinda can't butt in to your sister's parenting, Kourt. Sorry. Them's the rules.

Who knows how much truth there is to this, because, well, Life & Style, but I actually do think that Kourtney probably is a bit ... confused by Kim's parenting. Kourtney was rarely without Mason and Penelope when they were infants, and she's a big supporter of breastfeeding -- and there's no way Kim is still breastfeeding if she was away in Paris for god knows how long without her kid. And that's fine! Moms shouldn't have to be attached to their kids 24/7 if they don't want to! Nor should they be forced to breastfeed! Buuuut let's be honest here. Judging by how she acts on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kourtney's not exactly the "live and let live" type.

Kim and Kourtney are different people. They're not going to parent, or do anything really, the same way. Kourtney ought to accept that. Or at least deal with it. Because that's what makes the world go 'round. Different Kardashians, doing different things. "Do, do, do, doooo ..."



Image via Noel Vasquez/Getty



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Maias... MaiasMommy619

My question is.........where are Kim's boobs in this picture?

nonmember avatar Kara

This pic is of a much younger Kim. Before the implants. Remember when she had her butt ultrasound for implants she never did her boobs. They are implants. Her butt were fat injections not implants.

2nino... 2ninos4me

Kourtney should just focus on her parenting style and not judge kim ... they are entitled to raise their kids however they want , regardless if they approve each other's parenting style/choices or not

nonmember avatar Desiree

This pic is old! If u look through kims arm that's adrianne and rob in the backround! Who cares I really dislike kim anymore!

nonmember avatar V A H Green

Think previous episode of Kim losing kitten Kanye gave her (that she ended up being allergic to) is indicative of her 'mothering instincts'. Even fashionista Rachel Zoe couldn't leave her bundle of joy at home during fashion week.

nonmember avatar haley

ALl the time kim was obsessed with having a baby now that she has the baby she leaves her behind. kourt is right.

Miriam Diaz

I totally agree she most take care of her on child,

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