'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood's Early Prison Release Might Be Too Soon

Teen Mom Amber PortwoodHow's this for a name you haven't heard in awhile? Amber Portwood. AKA the Teen Mom who has been cooling her heels in prison for -- could it be -- more than a year now? Her early release is coming up next month, so it's time to ask the big question: is Amber really ready for the real world (and I don't mean that other MTV reality show)?

Or will Leah's mom land back in the clink faster than you can say drug habit? From the sounds of it, Amber might actually have straightened out ... although this release will be complicated, to say the least. Here's what we know so far:

1. Amber was sentenced -- last year -- to five years in prison, a sentence she chose rather than completing court-mandated rehab. But she did so well on the inside she was even TEACHING anger management classes at the Anderson Correctional Facility.

2. Amber is off Fentanyl, the drug she couldn't seem to kick, and she's completed the GED we saw her struggling to obtain on Teen Mom. This according to Amber's brother Shawn Portwood, who also says his famous sister is a different person. He told OK, "She’s really grown and matured."

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3. Her release is set for November 6 of this year. Considering she was put into state custody on June 15, 2012, Amber's managed to make it out in less than 17 months of a 5-year sentence!

4. Although ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley reportedly visited her in prison, and brought their little girl Leah, he's none too happy that Mama's getting out. As he complained on Twitter recently:


Of course, Gary had to piss in her Corn Flakes and complicate this whole thing for her ... isn't that the way things go with these two? Obviously it will not be a fairy tale ending when the Teen Mom gets sprung from the clink, but let's hope Amber recognizes that Gary has been a good daddy to Leah while she's been away, and that Gary is reasonable with her. Leah deserves both parents in her life!

Do you think Amber should be released early? Is she ready?


Image via Indiana Department of Corrections

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nonmember avatar Kat

Umm .. no. She is in Rockville Correctional Facility, she I'd just from Anderson. Actually, there is no Anderson facility?Also, she doesn't complete teach these classes ... she is on of the mediators of the program.

Dawn Dudley Wilfeard

what did you just say? I think you left something out.


Wisper Burkhart

yes i do think she should i think it would be good for her to get out and see what she has missed in little leahs life

Jenni Horan

HELL no she should stay her all 5 years

Krista Lynn Salter

I think she is ready. She has accomplished so much while in prison, things have been looking up and shes looking at the postivie side in life (when most people don't while they are there)
The question is, are these two (Amber and Gary) Ready to Co parent together? By what Gary said on twitter, I think he is not, he is stubborn, and yes Amber can be too, but he needs to realize that this little one needs to have both her mommy and daddy in her life. And they need to agree, comunicate and work together for little Leah, and not act like two imature 17 year olds  that they once were, and start acting there age resonsibly. Be co-parents, you have a daughter. Don't hurt her, she's older now, and knows what bad things, what yelling and fighting is now. I'm sure of it. Don't scare her...

Paula Woodard

Seems to me that Gary needs to mature now. Leave the past in the past for goodness sake

Amy Adams

What a fat Bastard he is...That is not his child alone..Sheesh I hope she stays calm and deals with his BS.  She dosent want to go back to jail..He visited amber only once and took Leah only once selfish.

Darlene Clemson

hope she did really change for her daugther

Tina Martin

Amber has changed her life so she has the rights to her daughter to, Amber whatever happens with u and gary , even if u have to do it urself u have the will to be happy and move on

Jennifer Twers

What's more amazing is that I'm pretty sure Amber can spell "clinic". Sooo instead of posting articles that "could" bring her down lets have some faith! Prison really does change people and I really hope after watching her struggle (and being in recovery myself) I know how hard it can be. Best of luck to one of more favorite teen moms! Although I might not condone or appreciate things she's done everyone deserves a second chance! Also Gary needs to shut the hell up. :?

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