'Real Housewives' Husband Accused of Seriously Scandalous Affair

ramona singerRamOh-My-God! According Page Six, the husband of Real Housewives of New York's Ramona Singer, Mario, has been cheating on his wife with a blonde, 20-something New York society girl he met in the Hamptons over the summer. Mario reportedly took a "naked selfie" and a picture of his "ding-dong" and sent it to the mystery woman; her roommate and several others have seen the photos as proof.

Oh, and he also allegedly got the girl pregnant, too. So there's that.

Sources told Page Six that the pregnancy happened in August, and Mario paid for the woman to get an abortion. Sources also say that Mario is still seeing the woman in both the city and the Hamptons, and Ramona may have an inkling that something's going on, but is choosing to turn a blind eye. "If he's having an affair, I don't want to know about it," she reportedly told her RHONY costars.

While I really don't want to believe this is true for both Ramona and Avery's sake, I can't say I would be completely shocked Mario is in fact cheating on Ramona. Sure, he and his wife seem to have an okay enough relationship, but we've all seen him ogle a woman or two a little too long on RHONY. The good news? We know Ramona's got all her hard-earned cash on lock down. The lady ain't dumb, and she's said numerous times over the years that she always wants to make sure she and her daughter are taken care of financially, should anything happen with Mario.

Ramona, naturally, is denying the rumors, telling Hollywood Life, "It's not true." And let's hope that's the case. There isn't enough Ramona Pinot Grigio in the world to deal with something like this.

... Or is there?

Do you think Mario is cheating on Ramona?


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Shiela Robinson

I totally believe it, but hope it's not true.

jalaz77 jalaz77

This would not surprise me at all. He is beyond arrogant. This guy is so into himself it's kind of sad.

Rose Marshall



Susan Moore Daly

Remember that psychic from one of their trips a few seasons ago who told Ramona in French her husband was cheating and Luanne did the translating? I think it was the Moroccan trip?

Marianne Frances

HECK YEAH.....I would cheat on Ramona....She's such a self-absorbed person. I think Mario needs a woman who isn't so sure of herself. I like Ramona but Mario deserves someone who doesn't love herself so much.

nonmember avatar Maryellen

I sure hope so she is so obnoxious.

Mary Kopan Reich

What? Me? Oh, me?  You're asking me?  Oh, okay.  And you thought you should ask me because, uh, you thought I might really care?  Uh, not so much, really.

nonmember avatar ibt

I was thinking about the psychic in morrocco too. But i think its probably true

Barbara Schuima

How else could he stand her and her drinking.....couldn't happen to a better housewife.

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