Kelly Bensimon Lashes Out Against Bethenny Frankel With Biting Slam

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bethenny frankelBethenny Frankel's new talk show Bethenny has been on the airwaves hardly any time at all. That hasn't stopped the powers that be from whispering about its imminent demise. They barely let the woman get her sea-legs and now it looks like the show is virtually doomed, coming in at unlucky number 13 in the ratings.

Her former Real Housewives cast-mates aren't doing much to help matters. Though to be fair, it doesn't sound like Bethenny's given them any reason to. In a last-ditch attempt to bolster her ratings, she scrambled (or rather, her producers scrambled) to bring on the other Housewives for a faux reunion. Yeah. No one was having that.

If anyone had any real reason to be miffed with Bethenny for this lame-o tactic, it was Jill Zarin. But even Jill was more just sort of quietly hurt that Bethenny wouldn't pick up the phone herself. It's not often I'm Team Jill, but I have to make an exception here. Very déclassé of Bethenny, if you ask me.

But that doesn't mean I'm going to go around calling her INSANE NAMES. That is because I am not Kelly Bensimon, who, just in time for Halloween, decided to share her real and shocking feelings about Bethenny. What she had to say was extreme and bizarre, to say the least:

She is just a sensationalist. She will suck the blood from your child to get ratings! I am so over her.

Uhhhh don't hold back or anything, Kelly. Thanks to this colorful statement, I'm left picturing Bethenny grabbing babies from strollers and flying off into the night. If Bethenny's a vampire, what does that make Ramona Singer, a banshee? Does that makes LuAnn De Lesseps a mummy? It totally does, you guys. It totally does.

Did you think Kelly's comment was too extreme?


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Elisabeth Estrada

Kelly after Ms Im so PERFECT called you Crazy looked who ended up with a Shrink on her own program ha ha ha you never did Kelly so who is the real Crazy Betheny the Bitch.  She had the perfect husband and child she ended up just like her mom and $$$$$$$$ is the only thing she wants her daughter will be her payback.

You were always my favorite normal person you rock

Beth Myers

I used to love Bethanny but after the way she has treated Jason I wouldn't watch her show if you paid me.

Jackie Primavera

Sorry Kelly you had your 5 minutes.Are you still  roller skating through down town trafic?Wow you are so funny girl.What Im thinking your 47 am I close............YOUR A NOBODY:(

nonmember avatar Elise


Sherry Cato Wickersham

They are all so jelly of Bethannie, Kelly is a fruit cake...someone needs to get her some help, nothing she says makes sense....


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