Is Robert Pattinson’s Fame a Dealbreaker for Dylan Penn?

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Robert Pattinson has made it pretty clear in recent weeks that he’s totally over Kristen Stewart by stepping out with a new flame -- model Dylan Penn. But could this budding romance be over before it really starts?

Us Weekly reports that Dylan is “having second thoughts about dating a guy with an obsessive fan base.” A source explains that Dylan “doesn’t want to be known as Rob’s girlfriend … she’s afraid to get serious with him and lose her privacy.”

I don’t buy it. Has Ms. Penn checked out her last name recently? I’m going to go out on a limb here and speculate that the daughter of Sean Penn and Robin Wright can hold her own against the fame. The model daughter of A-list movie stars.

Yeah, sorry KStew, I know you were hoping to “bump into Rob” and all, I wouldn’t hold my breath for a second third another chance.

Sources say that even though Rob and Dylan have only been dating a few months and are taking things slow, “he’s crazy about her.”

Would you be concerned about RPatz’s massive fan base if you were Dylan?

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nonmember avatar LittleMo

Rob has been trying to "get over" Kristen several times over and, whether anyone likes it or not, whether he and Kristen ever re-connect or not, Kristen is the love his his life and no one else is ever going to measure up.

Beverly Riddle

It's tough to be a young adult.  Trying to live a good life, things aren't like you imagine, and many mistakes are made and we learn from them.  Under the spotlight, being famous, magnifies  things..  Unwanted speculation, advice adds to the drama.  Most of us would be mortified if our mistakes were made public, and we would be indignant with others opinions.  Also people say hurtful things out of jealousy of said celb's, saying we made them famous, they owe us, or this is what you get..blah, blah, blah...I say you watch their work in the form of their art, movies, music, etc...and that's where you get what you paid for, NOT from disecting their personal lives.  Bunch of frickin hillbillies....geez, watch another movie, take a nap or a walk or something...

Joanne Thompson

oh give it a rest. shes only doing this to get her name out there. nothing like riding on the shirttails of someone else fame.


Sandra Mendez

thank you  Joanne Thompson you said  all ... Dylan is doing the same  Robert P  did with Kristen ....


Patty Kohenskey

They will go out with other people but in the end they will be get back together maybe in a few months or a year. You will seen Rob and Kristen back together

Rachel Garber

Puhleez the only "get over' is in the mind of people who print this hogwash and reader who believe it, love of his life, really, I think he needs a mind meld or something if that is really true. Some people just don't believe he has moved on for good. He won't take her back and he shouldn't if there are trust issues. Complain all you want, some people can get over being cheated on, obviously he can't. And that is his right, who are we to judge that he "should" forgive her. As far as that other "rag" pfft to them they make things up out of whole cloth.

Rachel Garber

Dylan is doing to Rob what he did to her, and what pray tell was that, he didn't need her to become famous, he already had several roles under his belt by the time he was cast, just because Summit was too lazy to find them, doesn't mean the movies didn't exist. He made WFE and Remember Me between shooting the Twilight movies and he got those on his own, not becasue of any connection to Kris In fact, he was the one who got RM done, he signed on as Executive Producer because he believed in the movie and lending his name got the financing it needed. "What he Robert P did with Kris" and what exactly was that. I don't think she was THAT big a name in Hollywood until she did the Twilgith films and according to IMDb those are the movies she is best known for. Don't hold your breath expecting him to take her back, imho it aint gonna happen. I have a feeling there are some Kris fans who on reading that Rob is walking down the aisle with another woman, will still be positive he is going to get back with her. Some goof ball made a video they uploaded to Youtube and calls herself roblied, uhh when he never uttered a word about her cheating, she is the one who went public and apologized saying he is the person I respect most in the world. Hate to think what she would do to a guy she didn't respect so much.

Gwenda Wakely

  I agree with what,Joanne Thompson & Sandra Mendez comment.I can understand why Dylan doesn't want to be known just as Robs girlfriend. She is 22 and would like to make a name for herself and  having her name connected with Rob wont hurt her career but he is not in the right place. He dosent know what he wants himself yet. I really don't think Rob or Kristen are fully over the time they were together,there is a lot of history between them. That doesn't mean I think they will get back together,in fact I don't think they will. But they need more time getting past that,before they start a new relationship,we don't know what went on between them,but what ever it was,they are not past it,and until they are they should stay single and have dates,but nothing heavy.To many people would get hurt.Kate Perry should mind her own business,there  are 3  people in any relationship Rob has,and another woman wont put up with her interfering.Rob has to grow up,be a man and make his own decisions.

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