'Bachelorette' Finalist Drew Kenney May Be Falling in Love All Over Again

drew kenney bacheloretteWhile all the drama of Desiree Hartsock's season of The Bachelorette was at a fever pitch, before Brooks Forester walked, Chris Siegfried was plugging away being, as Des put it, "always there," and Drew Kenney was still vying for her heart, bets were placed that if he wasn't going to nab the final rose, Drew would most definitely end up the next Bachelor. Well, we know full well by now that neither prediction came true for the 27-year-old digital marketing analyst from Arizona. Womp womp.

But that's okay, because he may be over-the-moon happy these days thanks to someone else he met on the show ... Chris Harrison's assistant


Yep, Drew's rumored to be dating 23-year-old Vanessa Magos, who hails from San Diego and went to Pepperdine University in Malibu. Although one source says they're "just friends," Drew himself admitted on Twitter on September 23, "Most of me knows my vulnerability makes me human and alive, the rest of me is terrified of it. I guess that's why they call it falling." Falling?! In loooove? Crazy! Well, not that crazy, I guess ...

Guess it only makes sense that reality stars are around crew members just as much as cast, so why wouldn't they fall for someone behind the camera from time to time? Look at Kandi Burruss from Real Housewives of Atlanta, who is engaged to Todd Tucker, a line producer from the show. Before she married husband Jay Cutler, Kristin Cavallari admitted she was dating Miguel Medina, a cameraman for The Hills

See, Drew's not alone. Plus, it sounds like if he actually is dating Vanessa, she may really be his match -- much more so than Des ever was. An insider says, "She's a good girl and perfect for him. They have a lot in common, and he is crazy about her." Well, considering the guy has a track record of rapidly falling head over heels, that last part's not hard to believe at all!

What do you think about Drew Kenney's new possible love match?


Image via ABC

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