'Teen Mom' Goes to 'Disgusting' Lengths to Make Her Man Happy (PHOTOS)

Mackenzie Douthit McKeeMost of us would do anything for the person we love the most. OK, almost anything. But Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie Douthit McKee has just proven that she will go much further than most for her man, Josh McKee. Waaaaaaaay further. Like, across the world and back again further. 

Are you ready for this? Any liquids that could shoot out your nose swallowed? Barf bag at the ready?

Then take a gander at what the reality star posted on Instagram this week (and don't say I didn't warn you!):


Josh McKee's eyebrows

That, ladies and gentlemen, is Josh McKee's eyebrows. Or should I say WAS Josh McKee's eyebrows? Before his wife and mother of his children waxed them off?

Was she pulling a Chelsea Houska here? Trying her hand at some cosmetology? Or are they just thisclose a couple?

Apparently Mackenzie's cowboy is one hairy dude! And a bit of a metrosexual one at that! It's not every guy who will allow his wife to spread hot wax on his face and let her yank his hairs out.

Good for Josh.

I guess?

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I'm not knocking his metrosexuality here folks, but Mackenzie herself called the move "disgusting" when she posted the proof of Josh's waxing on Twitter, and I have to agree. It IS disgusting! I've never asked my stylist to hold onto those little fabric strips after she's done my brows, and now I'm doubly glad.

It's not a pleasant sight!

And I'm not so sure I could do that for my man. Shave his head? Of course. Trim a brow that's getting a little shaggy? Sure. But that may be my body hair limit on a guy ...

How about you? Would you go as far as Mackenzie's gone for the love of your life?


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