'RHONJ' Star's Husband Caught in the Act! (PHOTO)

caroline manzoCaroline Manzo has been pretty darn open when it comes to discussing the cheating allegations made against her husband, Albert Manzo. To give her credit where credit is due, what goes on in her marriage isn't any of our business. Any hints she deigns to drop about it, that's entirely her prerogative.

Still, Caroline ruffled some major feathers when she intimated that she could see her husband of over 30 years being unfaithful. It was less the revelation that was surprising and more the shrug-worthy way the woman shared the intel. But Caroline's a notoriously cool customer.

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Her kids upon hearing the news that daddy may have strayed once upon a time had their own reactions to share. It seems they believe their mother when she says that the comment she made during the reunion wasn't a big deal. As you can imagine knowing her gang of jokers, their responses weren't exactly teary.

Son Chris Manzo (head clown) spent far, far too much time photoshopping a picture that he later posted to Instagram. "Shocking PROOF is the ongoing scandal of my father's cheating ways," he somberly captures ... this photo of Ted, the animated bear of cinematic infamy, wearing a bra and dancing upon an oblivious Albert. Obviously no one in the family is taking this whole scandal too seriously. That should be something we all take into consideration before we continue gasping in horror.

caroline manzo

Do you think Caroline was being serious about Albert's past?


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ninag... ninag1980

I think she is not only serious but that she knows he cheated.  I mean, come on, if I was a reality star and I said that about my hubs, he would be none too pleased.  Its almost like she knew someone was about disclose that he cheated so she said this as a disclaimer to save face. If you are in a loving relationship you dont always asume your other half is cheating. She doesnt have a good relationship with Albert.  She actually said on the show that its good she and Al spend so much time apart.  Its the only way they are able to stay together.  Huh?  I love being with my husband.  Married 5 years in Feb

Marjorie Boyd-Springer

Who cares.  It's something that's between them and no one else.  Like he's the only one that might have ever done that to his wife or vice versa.  They can live the way they wish.  In other words, so what!!!!!

tuscani tuscani

Sorry..when you commit  yourself, your family and your life to a reality show and get paid a buttload in return you make it everybody else's business. Who ever heard of Caroline Manzo, or even cared, before this? I always got the feeling that he can't stand her and is just putting up with her..Maybe he is gay like his brother who was "Married" to Dina.. Not a rumor.. Look it up!

youth... youthfulsoul

She never said he cheated, she said she wouldn't say he never would (had) because basically those words could come back to bite her in the ass.

tuscani tuscani

If one knew for sure one would never put that out there. You only need to watch their exchange with each other to tell he's not in love with her.. I saw it from the get go in Season one.

Teri Milio

Who The F---k cares! It's no ones business! And do you think Albert would still have legs if he did cheat on her? LMAOsidesplittinglaughter

JaneD... JaneDoh57

Awww the self imposed queen of RHoNJ has to save face....supposedly she is getting a spin off nc her hobby strayed....do we care really? Wanna get my interest, let her son come out of the closet already

Bernadette Magnifico Witt

The restaurant and catering business is known for cheating. I'm sure that he cheated on her and she forgave him because it was only sex and not love or a relationship. I give her kudos, for not being silent and owning up to what he did.

Daniela Burbage

The house of Manzo takes a hit or two? No one knows what goes on behind closed doors...Being on a reality show will have eyes & rumors aplenty....People always wanting to hear the worse and if there's a hint of something that involves sex ....look out...everyone & everything will be up for grabs. I wish the Manzo's the best!blowing kisses

Birgit Banyak Van Beber

Oh yes she was very serious about Albert... You know what, when I listen to her about Albert cheating and being together for so long, I kind of fellt for her, because she was and is still Hurt about Albert cheating and you could see it on her Face.... But like I always say " To each there Own " see now I would never go for that, if I would find out that my Husband of being together for almost 30 years and married for 26 years is cheating , I would pack his bags and when he would come home ( he is an Over the road Trucker ) I would say to him in a calm Voise " Here is all you stuff, turn a round and walk out the door and say nothing " That is me tho, I do not know what Caroline and Albert have going , they do seem very Happy just ones in a while when he tells her to shut up I see the expresion on her face and it looks like she is scared of him..... They are a very tied Family and like I said " To each there Own " we really do not know the whole Story about Albert and Caroline ...love you sign

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