Hayden Panettiere Announces Her Engagement in Slightly Creepy but Cute Way

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hayden, wladimirHayden Panetierre is officially off the market. The Nashville star announced that she is engaged to her boxer boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko. After months of rumors, she officially broke the news on Live With Kelly & Michael in the cutest and most unexpected way.

The star shocked the audience as soon as she stepped on set. The reason why? A huge boa constrictor was draped around her neck. But even that couldn't distract Ripa's eyes from the huge, glittering rock on her ring finger. "I'm not sure if you want to announce anything ... does that signify anything, is that a promise of something?" the host asked.

Indeed it was. She was coy at first but then admitted that it meant that she and Wladimir would walk down the aisle. I have to admit, the snake was a fun touch. So much cooler than the typical way celebs go about this. They pretend they don't want anyone to know, even though they have leaked it to certain people. Then they act angry and annoyed when fans and the paparazzi become obsessed with finding out the truth. For months, they play this game with the press, never admitting it while "sources" and "insiders" dish out the details. They pretend to hate the invasion of privacy but I have no doubt many of them like the attention. It was nice to see Hayden have so much fun with it. 

It's a happy ending fans weren't sure would happen after the two called it quits last year after two years of dating. They gave the romance a second chance and -- needless to say -- things are definitely working out. Though no word yet on when they will actually tie the knot. Wonder if the ceremony will involve snakes too!

Do you think Hayden's engagement announcement was cute or silly?


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StacyT71 StacyT71

Did you watch the episode? The snake had nothing to do with the announcement. The snake was part of a joke she was playing on Michael and Kelly just happened to notice the ring. What was creepy about that?

Andre... Andreamom001

I was going to ask what the snake had to do with the engagement annuncement, but the first comment answered that.  So basically, she wore an engagement ring...and that is "creepy" and "cute"?

candy... candyw210

The snake had nothing to do with her announcing her engagement! You just ASSumed! And yes you look like an ASS! The ring was noticed, she was not carrying in the snake as part of letting everyone know she is engaged. You truly are ridiculous! Do you not look into things before you write about them? Such a pitiful non researched  story. I get it you blog, you are not giving us the new, etc, but do your homework a little and know the facts before you blog about something so you don't look ridiculous.

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