Kristen Stewart May Be Secretly Hoping to Bump Into Robert Pattinson

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kristen stewartIt's been a few months now since Robsten split apart like an atomic explosion that shook the world. At Rob's insistence, the two have avoided contact with each other. But maybe it's time to reconnect, especially if you're totally evolved and still not over your ex and hoping to run into him again like KStew obviously is. As it happens, Kristen Stewart is kinda hoping to run into Robert Pattinson, and she doesn't care if he's with Dylan Penn.

Seriously, though, Kristen doesn't want to win Rob back or anything. She just wants to clear the air. And see if there's any chemistry left. That's all, we swear!

Kristen returned from a sojourn in Germany and Switzerland just last week, and you know, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if she bumped into Rob now that she's back in LA. She's just saying -- via "sources" speaking to Hollywood Life. But she's not going to initiate it or anything.

Kristen would love to see Rob now that she’s back in LA. She’s not worried at all about running into Rob and Dylan. She can hold her own. She knows that Rob would be the one who would feel more uncomfortable if they ran into each other and Dylan was there.

It would be nice if Rob reached out to Kristen to just say hi and welcome her home. Kristen doesn’t want there to be any tension between them. Kristen would reach out to Rob, but she won’t because he was the one who initially suggested they stop communicating for a while.

Kristen is definitely not going to start stalking Rob. Haha, why would she do that? That would be totally weird, and Kristen never does anything weird, ever. Heh. I mean, if Rob and Dylan happen to show up at the same concert or something, it would be a total coincidence. They like a lot of the same music, so it's bound to happen. It's not like Kristen would bribe Rob's assistant to tell her what his plans are or anything. No way! Hah, what a crazy idea.

Seriously, though, if Kristen really does want to clear the air with Rob, what else is she supposed to do?

It must be weird to live in a world where you communicate with your ex through the tabloids, but it sounds like Kristen is waving a white flag. And I mock (because that's my job), but actually, she's smart to put that out there. They do have a lot of common interests and LA is in many ways a small town. She's just preparing them both for the inevitable moment when they run into each other. She wants to be cool about it -- "Oh hey, Rob, how are things? Yeah, just got back from filming Sils Maria. Nice to meet you, Dylan. You two have a great night, okay?" That's all she wants.

Do you think the first time Kristen and Rob run into each other, it's going to be super awkward?


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Hilda Aslanian Gourdikian

Do you people read what you write! You have become just as bad as Hollywood life and I'm sad you're actually quoting them above. Nothing above makes sense, Kristen's been gone two months and all her actions show she's moved on and is concentrating on her career and staying quiet, why would she want to see Rob, she's done with that drama and he's the one that needs to act mature and clear the air , she's done nothing wrong since the break up, he's all over the place and has misguided friends who sell his private info to tabs and create drama for him, leave her alone, she's not pulling a Miley and dissing him , she's just living her life and LA is her home she should be able to go to any concert she wants and I doubt Kristen stewert feels awkward to run into Dylan, I'd say she'd be the intimidated one instead for obvious reasons !

Jaghd810 Jaghd810

?I highly doubt she wants anything to do with him.  She put up with him just for the movie.  He stated in interviews he did not bathe frequently nor did he brush his teeth often.  Gross.  She is happy now she is free from gross personal hygiene.  Who wants to be around stinky balls?

wendy... wendywendy

OMG.  So sick of hearing about these two.  I'm 45, and don't care about their relationship, their breakup, their movies, or anything else about them.  Over it.

Bobbye Smith

Its over Kristen fans. You find every reason to diss Rob. Kristen and Rob are fine. But KS fans are still angry. Angrey about what? They went their separate ways. He. Never have discussed her in public and she has never discussed him. This story is poorly written. Its like some 12 year old wrote it. At least Rob and Kristen respect each other. To bad Kristen fans respect no one.

Phoebe Belle Patts

It's over between them.Rob became famous because of kristen without her he is nothing.Twilight is not forever he don't care about his fans anymore

Amala Gopinathan

Robsten shouldn't be just a "mysterious myth"... I'd prefer them to be the forever couple...Isabella Marie Cullen.

Maria Green

kristen forever


Melissa O'Neal

I just can't help but wonder why someone who does care about them, their movies or their lives would feel the need to not only read an article about them, but then comment on them. Personally, I think it's a tragedy that they broke up and would love for them to be together. Maybe not now but down the road.  Anything is possible people when we're talking about matters of the heart.

nonmember avatar katrina sims

Kristen Stewart didn't make him famous. Twilight put both of them on the map. I had seen her in previous movies and didn't even realized it until one day that I looked on her Wikipedia page.

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