NeNe Leakes' Meanest Move Yet & The Cruel Way 2 'Real Housewives' Got Fired (VIDEO)

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Often while watching reality TV, I find myself wondering, "What aren't we seeing?" Obviously we're not seeing the crew members hiding behind couches, the lights, the cameras, all that. But what else goes on behind the scenes? We've got lawsuits, the psychology of NeNe Leakes, and just how a Real Housewife gets fired (from someone who has been there!).

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This week on I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding, I wondered whether Gregg Leakes would ever go off script. Doesn't it seem to you that he has one or two bullet points of dialogue he keeps repeating over and over? WELL, this week he finally spoke up on his own. It's about time. In today's exclusive video, I'll explain why I think both NeNe and Gregg are shooting themselves in the foot with the prenuptial agreement drama.

Now, those of you tuning in know that NeNe went postal on her first wedding planner, Tiffany Cook, and brought in a second, Tony Conway, who planned the wedding. BUT ... did you know that Tiffany subsequently sued NeNe? The suit was filed before these episodes aired, so I can only IMAGINE what's going on in her office today. I offer up my commentary on how the wedding planner fiasco went horribly wrong and how a reality show, ANY reality show, helped the disaster happen.

Finally, more Real Housewives of Orange County news. I've been watching the stories surface about Gretchen Rossi and Alexis Bellino. As someone who has first-hand experience at not only being a housewife, but also being replaced, I give you all my background experience about where those leaked stories come from, what might be happening right now, and where they go from here. You're going to want to watch this!!

Who do you think is worse -- NeNe or her bridesmaids?

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Frank Adam Kilgore

You look better than ever! 1st you and LouAnne have always been my favorite NY Ladies. 2nd Gretchen was the only reason I still watched the OC. 3rd I am pretty sure NENE has gotten too big for her britches. Thanks!

youth... youthfulsoul

I have tried to watch Nenes show but can't suffer through it anymore. It's soooo boring.

nonmember avatar Victoria

Love your new venture. Wishing you much joy and success.

nonmember avatar suz

Crap on oc Tehy should get rid of Vicki first....and the new one

BlackKenloves WhiteBarbie

again.. I agree with your assesments... the Tiffany wedding planner, all I kept noticing was her jaw flapping/chewing gum hater-face when Nene was ripppppping her a new 1.. that being said, I dont believe she/tiffany was acting.. sad, Nene set her up..

and I wouldnt miss Gretchen and Taylor, but I would be a little sad to see Alexis go, I've grown to like her and the producers are missing something in Alexis, she is evolving into a a heck of a gal and I think they're would be making a mistake, or maybe this is what Alexis needs (but does not know it yet)


Paul Wharton

Alex! You are brilliant on here! Your commentary is spot on! Love it!

nonmember avatar Oliver

I use to love the housewife shows. they were my soap operas.I knew that most of it was scripted. If not why is there a director & producer credit.I concur with Youthfulsoul. I can't watch NeNe's new spin off. It's boring. I'm sad that Gretchen was given the boot I thought she was a hoot. These shows are beginning to bore me. I'm back to regular scheduled programing.NeNe gets $1mil a show that's per episode not a season. Oh please she isn't worth it. Why doesn't she send some of her $$ to the African Children? 1 question. Does any 1 remember the very first reality TV episode on MTV where 7 stangers shared an apartment? Now that was the way it should have been. They lived together had to find their own jobs. Had social conversations which ranged from politics to racisim. It opened a lot of discussion at the water cooler.

bette... betterdaysahead

Hi Alex! OMG SO GOOD TO SEE YOU! Always loved you and your family on RHONY. You were classy and not trashy and as I know being from Chicago, you can't be a dummy and get into No.Western and you can tell you are very very intelligent! So good to see you on Cafe Mom I have been a member for a few years now and I will be looking for your comments and thoughts on behind the scenes stuff with the housewives. Hope you and your kids and hubby are all doing good. I think you got out of that scene before it really got a reputation for being trash television (arent you glad?) (Pardon my grammer Im sure there are a lot of mistakes here, hey im a product of Chicago Public School systems in the 60z and 70z)  you GO ALEX! BY THE WAY YOU LOOK GREAT! so happy to be able to see you here.

nonmember avatar Butterfly

Nothing about Nene is worth watching. Loud mouthed and egotistical who just bullies her way through everything. The entire Atlanta Housewives show needs to be benched, along with Miami. Alexis was just getting interesting, Jim was coming around, Gretchen seemed a bit ditzy the past season but Vicki is who has ended my interest in the show. Can't stand her, never have liked watching her. Housewives is losing interest all around. I am not alone, amongst my peers and friends, losing interest and dropping a show at a time. I am now done with NJ, NYC, never like Miami or Atlanta. OC is waning big time and I am still into Beverly Hills. But if the trend follows, this will be the last season I watch that. Did not watch Nene's wedding. Almost missed Tamara's and it would not have been a waste if I had.

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