Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom Look Suspiciously Like They're -- Back Together?!

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Roh-roh. Khloe and Lamar might not be over yet! Despite reports that Khloe Kardashian had all but filed divorce papers against Lamar Odom, the estranged pair were spotted together for the first time in months. They were riding in an SUV Mercedes that has previously been identified as Lamar's vehicle, but Khloe was driving. They were near momager Kris Jenner's house, and speculation is that they came to support her following the announcement of her separation from husband Bruce Jenner. Could these two be patching things up?!

Maybe, maybe not.

Sources tell TMZ that the marriage is still virtually over. Hey, even people who are getting divorced have to get together sometimes to communicate about settlements, property, assets, etc. But, you know, they usually do that in a lawyer's office. So this looks suspiciously like the pair are having a casual encounter -- possibly discussing their future? If they have one?

Certainly, Khloe's latest tweets make it sound like she hasn't thrown in the towel just yet. She recently wrote:




So it looks like Khloe isn't giving up yet! Not sure if that is admirable or stupid, but I guess only time will tell. She's right. Unless you're in it, you can't really understand.

Perhaps Lamar was right and Khloe does love him too much to leave!

Do you think they are reconciling?


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Cooks... Cookster792

I hope they can work things out. I am really pulling for them.

nonmember avatar Julia

I really hope they can make it work and stay together. Marriage is hard work to begin with, throw addiction into that and it could definitely break a couple. Hopefully Lamar gets the help that he needs and they can beat the odds.

Mishka4 Mishka4

I finally watched an esp of their show and it was the rerun of Sundays. The one where (Kris G and Ryan S -the producers) make the public pitty party for Khloe because of Lamar "acting strange". I was so DISGUSTED with the esp I had to keep changing it.

This man clearly has depression issues- stated by Khloe her self- and has some kind of addiction issue. The LAST thing that is needed is to have his name smeared more all over to the how ever millions of ppl watching. And to be followed around more.

I really hope that Klohe is ready to step out of the fame light (break Kris's money hungry hands off of her) and deal with their issues in private. As much as we love the gossip, this man needs privacy and his wife should respect that. I really hope for the two of them they can get the proper help he needs and work through this difficult time.

Mary Morris Peters

Rooting for you Khloe...............Hope things work out for you two

MsBerry Berry

I I I Pamie so proud of u Khloe keep it up much love goes to u true love never die no matter what leave him not going to solve anything leave u might find one else worst than that baby girl we not perfect we only need someone to say i love u and they know the meaning of it love it not easy but if u fight for what urs what u love u'll be proud of urself for ur good choice <3


They should never ever give up...........never


nonmember avatar bernadette

I love you kim an kloé koucnéy

nonmember avatar Gerry

I think people should let them be. When you marriage you take the good with the bad. They love each other very much. What Lamar did was very wrong but let Khole deed with it the way she wants to. It will work out for them just pray for these two they make a wonderful couple. GOD BLESS you noth

nonmember avatar ugbe scholastic

i just hope dey get together soon cus dey make a wonderful couple. am too too proud of dem

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