'I Dream of NeNe' Recap: Gregg Leakes Threatens to Call It All Off

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nene leakes NeNe Leakes's wedding is about to pop off, and I am close to having palpitations. If that's the state I'm in, you can only imagine how NeNe felt! AMIRIGHT? Lord but I overly identify with this show. Instead of resolving issues this week, it seems like the same problems just got a little bit bigger. The only non-fly in the ointment was NeNe's late-replacement wedding planner who basically swanned in wearing shining armor.

But before we get to that we've got Gregg Leakes and his pre-nup worries to get through. Did we mention the bevy of STILL ARGUING bridesmaids? Yeah. That's still what's up. Did someone request a cherry on this sundae made of stress? Why here! I present you wedding planner Tiffany Cook. DELICIOUS. ANGUISH FOR EVERYONE. 

All of NeNe's bridesmaids are still fighting. It's completely boring. The only person with any sense of humor about it is Cynthia Bailey. She takes a page from RuPaul's book and threatens to force ugly sunglasses on the next biotch to throw shade. I seriously think this was a mini-challenge on RuPaul's Drag Race this season. No joke.

Thankfully for NeNe, although there were some tense moments, it seems Gregg's getting on board the pre-nup train. Always wise when remarrying an ex-spouse, if you ask me. (I've been married 34 times to 7 men. Also my hair is made of diamonds and I have a pet unicorn.) It's good that these two are back on the same page, because they have a terrible, rude, and shameless wedding planner to gawk at -- Tiffany Cook, for shame! 

This gum-clacking woman has shown NeNe not one thing and the wedding is in under three weeks! I began breathing into a paper bag as the broad mumbled something about "sketches" and then yelled the f-word NeNe! Whaaaaat? CLEARLY she did not know who she was dealing with:

nene leakes

I think NeNe could have gone another six rounds with the ho (for sho), but poor, tender Gregg was getting so upset he was talking about just cancelling the big wedding and hitting up a JOP. Somebody get that man a fainting couch and some more pineapple juice! Rather than murder Gregg and find another groom, NeNe used her Hollywood connections and it seems like she's found an awesome planner in Tony Conway. Gotta love a man who greets you with candles and crystals. Gregg was all smiles like a girl going to the big school dance, and verily, it was good.

Do you think NeNe was right to ditch the feckless Tiffany?

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nonmember avatar pt

i kind of felt sorry for the woman when nene was blasting on her ass and she barely said anything to defend herself. Besides i'm confused about whether she was hired to do the planning or not b/cos nene tweeted she never signed any contract with her to plan the wedding after tiffany took her to court. on T.V it sounded like she was officially hired.

Ruth Lewis

I think since NeNe and Gregg have been married before why are they having such a big affair this time.

nonmember avatar pam

You have no sketches and don't call? Not doing her job with three weeks to go? She didn't do her job, case closed and then wants her 15% after someone did the job. Sorry but she did nothing and should get nothing but kids parties and not even that.

Birgit Banyak Van Beber

NeNe, why yu want to get married to Gregg again ( You are already married to him when I write this ).....I do not think this will last with him, and his Kids they are so against NeNe, makes me wonder what Gregg said to them when they grew up about NeNe.... I would not get married again to Gregg if I was NeNe, just life like you did without being Married .....frustratedI watch the show and I even get so Irritated with Gregg, he is such a smooth talker but does he really mean what he says ......well I guess we will see how long this marriage lasts this time.....

Andrew Dunbar Jr.

Nee Nee is everything our young black girls should not be: stripper, protitute, Afro-American with a BLOND wig. What is her contribution to the world?

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