Kris & Bruce Jenner Finally Put the Rumors to Rest & Admit They're Separated

Nope, it’s not another rumor -- it’s official this time. According to TMZ, Kris and Bruce Jenner have issued a statement confirming what we have suspected all along -- they're separated

“We are living separately and we are much happier this way.” There was also the obligatory bit about them continuing to have love and respect for each other, but at least they're admitting the obvious now.


Sources connected with the family told TMZ that Bruce has been living with his sons Brody and Brandon in Malibu, while Kris has been staying in Calabasas with her daughters. Bruce reportedly told his sons that  “living away from Kris was just the way the relationship evolved.” I don’t blame him a bit … Kris seems like a little much … I’m not sure I’d want to live with her either.

As for a divorce, it doesn't sound like they're in a big hurry to do anything more at this point. Kris reportedly hasn’t contacted a divorce lawyer yet, and sources say she's happy with the current situation, which turns out isn’t anything new. They’ve been separated “for a while” so I guess those rumors were true after all.

Now it’s official. No word on how it will affect their reality show, which rakes in a reported $40 million for the family.

Office water cooler gossip wonders if Kris will now hookup with Scott Disick. Hey -- stranger things have happened in that group.

Are you shocked or did you see this coming like a train wreck?

Image via Matt Sayles/Corbis

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