Robert Pattinson Hides His Face Like He’s Got a Right to Privacy or Something

robert pattinson hides his faceI just saw some photos of Robert Pattinson that are making me feel sad. He's in his car, driving through LA, hiding his face. Why? Why is Robert Pattinson hiding his face? Doesn't he know his millions of rabid fans want to see it from every possible angle and every possible light? Now I have no choice but to spend the next 30 minutes or so of my life wondering why he's shielding himself from our view. It's like he -- GASP! No -- could it be? Robert Pattinson wants a little privacy?


Oh my God, is that what he's doing? I mean, I think everyone who has a car likes to consider the inside their personal space. That's why you see people on the freeway flossing, applying makeup, cutting their toenails, changing their clothes. Rob kind of feels like he's in a satellite home space -- except he's acutely aware of photographers snapping away at him. So he's put down some blinds, so to speak. Can you blame the guy?

And he's also probably trying to concentrate on driving. Thank you, Robert Pattinson, for blocking out the distracting paparazzi and focusing on the road in front of you. The world is a somewhat safer place thanks to you. It's just that we all feel kind of shut out of your life now. No, no, my feelings aren't hurt. I'll be okay. Really.

Oh wait! It just occurred to me -- maybe Robert is just blocking out THE SUN, not us! Hope springs eternal -- he's not desperately trying to squeeze in some privacy. He just doesn't like the sunlight shining directly into his eyes. Silly me.

Do you hate it when Robert Pattinson hides his face like this?


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