'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Is Headed for Trouble With This Attitude

Jenelle EvansJenelle Evans has been around the legal merry-go-round enough times by now that the Teen Mom 2 star should know how things work. You screw up; you get arrested. You keep your nose clean; you don't get arrested. Simple, right?

Not so fast. Not when you're Jenelle Evans, reality star with nearly a dozen mugshots to her name and an ongoing stint on probation in the state of North Carolina. Jenelle doesn't have a probation officer -- her punishment at the moment is "unsupervised probation" -- but the way Jenelle explained the meaning of her sentence on Twitter makes it easy enough to see why she keeps ending up with a pair of metal bracelets 'round her wrists.

Responding to questions about her unsupervised probation status, the troublesome Teen Mom star noted:


No breaking the law for 18 months? How about no breaking the law ... ever again?

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That's what Jenelle -- and really any criminal -- is supposed to learn from a court sentence, that crime doesn't pay. We law-abiding citizens depend on the cops and the courts to arrest criminals, and to scare them straight with punishments that make them think twice before making a mistake. 

But it doesn't seem like Jenelle has really gotten that message, does it? Not if she thinks being on probation means only that she needs to keep her nose clean until her sentence is complete.

Sadly, she's sounding like a career criminal here, the kind of person who thinks it's OK to screw up, just so long as they don't get caught.

What do you think it will take for Jenelle to clean up her act for good?


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ncchicky ncchicky

Shes a waste of space.  She will be arrested again within the next 6 months.  You would think NC would just keep her in jail.  

Tammy Blakely

She hasnt learned anything from her past mistakes .Keep giving her get out of jail card and she will continue this behavior! Lock her up for 30 days and let her suffer the punishment.And bet she wont break the law again.

Jamie Kitchen

i lengthy jail stay just like amber portwood who by the way has turned her life around alot faster then expected n is comming home way sooner too. yes thats exactly what jenelle needs a long "timeout" in county jail not just an overnight visit.

Melinda Kaye

who cares about this disease ridden whore.

nonmember avatar J

Wow, people are so mean. As well as drama starters and exaggerators (cough, cough author). Someone asked her what that meant and that IS what it means. She wasn't saying whoo hoo I only have to be good for 18 months or can't wait to get off probabtion to start more trouble. She was explaining what it meant. And who takes the time to read and then comment such vicious words. How about worry about yourself and your life. I don't care for Janelle but I don't know, she doesn't affect my life and I really hate when people are just plain viciously mean.

Jamie Troisi Rankin

I think if she went to jail for a year or so she may learn her lesson. Everyone just keeps slapping her on her wrists. She needs to get a tough judge to give her tough love and put her but behind bars. That may help hopefully. She is young and she just does not understand what she is totally doing to herself. She may think it is all a big joke now by doing these things. One day it will all catch up with her though.

nonmember avatar Atianna

Wow you people are so mean you are supposed to treat others the way you want to be treated and some of the tings you are saying i know for a fact you don't want them said to you!

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